Kairah and Aaron

How We Met

Aaron and I met 4 years ago via social media (2013) and I was dating someone else at the time. Aaron had the biggest crush on me and begged me to just date him, and I told him I couldn’t. We still remained friends the whole time, I ended up ending the relationship with my boyfriend at the time and Aaron of course came to the rescue and was there for me the whole time. He would call me daily after I got out of class and ask if I needed anything. He’d show up at my work just to say hey and ask if I wanted anything. But Later on that year we lost touch and stopped talking, 3 years later I ran into him in Belk two days before thanksgiving of 2015, of course I was shopping) and I kept peeping at him across the store hoping he wouldn’t see me. Neither of us said a word to each other and went on about our ways, he had a girlfriend at the time. Two days after I seen him in belk I seen where he and the girlfriend and broken up and I wanted so badly to talk to him but wasn’t sure how to approach him so me being the shy person I am I just waited. A day before New Years I got a random spark courage and messaged him. The rest was history, a few days later we went on our first date January 3 2016 and I never knew I could click with someone like I did him.

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Fast forward to April the Friday before we got engaged he kept saying we are going out somewhere really nice, I owe you a good date. So of course I just agreed and went along with it, I was off that Friday and he left me money in a envelope in my mailbox and I woke up to a text saying “go get the envelope out of your mailbox, I stuck it in there on my way to work. Go buy you a new outfit for our date tomorrow, make sure it’s nice.

Of course I never thought twice about it because Aaron is always doing sweet little things like that. The next day Saturday April 8, 2017 or for better words, the best day of my life! Aaron stopped at Jetton park in mooresville and said let’s just walk around and browse before our reservations at 6. The park has a small beach looking area and as we walked down there Aaron started to get quiet, I thought maybe he was just hot from the beaming sun.

We got down there and he said let’s take a picture so he took one and a guy who had a camera set up and was taking pictures walked up to us and said he had just gotten a new lens and wanted to know if he could practice and take our picture so we let him and I turned around to look at the water and no sooner than I did he popped down on one knee and I heard him say my name a few times and I turned around and he was down on his knee with a ring in hand! Turns out the guy who I thought was just taking random pictures was someone Aaron hired to capture the whole thing. When he got up he informed me there was a go pro set up in the sign behind us recording the whole thing. When people say timing is everything they’re so right, bad relationships and two years of not talking sent the best thing I’ve ever had back to me and now I get to spend forever loving the man who loved me from day one!

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