Kailonie and Jeffrey

How We Met

I meet my future husband while living next door to him! My family moved there when I was 10 years old. That is when I meet Jeff. He was older than me, by 3 years. We really didn’t talk until I was older, 17 to be exact! I always had the biggest crush on him, watching him mow the grass through the window! Hehe. It wasn’t until he came home on leave from the Army that we really hung out. We went mini golfing that night, and ever since that night we have become inseparable!

how they asked

The day started off amazing being that it was my birthday! He wanted to plan a day for me that he knew I would enjoy! It started off by going to the LA Kings Hockey game. Our favorite thing to do! Once the game was done he suggested that we head down to see my dad. He lives in Huntington Beach, so of course I was thrilled! Once we got closer to my dads, he asked if I wanted to go see the sunset! It was an absolutely gorgeous day, so of course I wanted to! We parked at the meter and started walking towards the beach. He pulled me towards the right side, which I thought was a little odd because that was the Dog beach, and we didn’t have our dogs with us! As we were walking, he kept reminded me of how much he loved and adored me and our relationship. Then, that’s when I saw it, my two little pups standing off to the side with my best friend and her husband. Once my dogs saw me, they immediately ran to us, well one of them! Thankfully the one with the ring around her collar! That’s when I fully realized what was happening! After 5 years of being together, he finally asked me to be his wife, and it couldn’t have been anymore beautiful!

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