Kailey and William

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How We Met

Will and I have known each other since the fourth grade. However, we did not really become friends until our junior year of high school when a mutual friend moved in with my family. We instantly became best friends and at the beginning of the senior year started dating (so I guess you can call us high school sweethearts)! After high school, we did a HUGE romantic road trip that ranged from the gulf shores in Alabama all the way up to Onalaska, Wisconsin. Our favorite stop was probably the Hangout Music Festival where we lived in a tent for a week and saw our favorite bands.

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Will and I share an intense love for travel and camping and are both really connected in our faith. We are both extremely active members of Christian Greek life where we go to college, Pittsburg State University (Pittsburg, KS). Throughout our college experience, we have supported and pushed each other in our schooling and professional lives. The spring of our freshman year is when he proposed.

how they asked

The first place Will and I went hiking with Will was at Natural Falls State Park. We were both blown away by how beautiful the falls were and it was really special to get to share that experience with him. We always longed to go back with our friends and in the spring we decided to make a trip out of it and bring both of our best friends. When we got to the falls we both stood marveling and I could feel him getting antsy. All of a sudden he said, “Hey I have a question.” When I turned and looked he was on one knee with a goofy grin and asked me if I would marry him. I instantly said yes (of course) and felt so excited!

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When I turned around I saw that there was a photographer from Pittsburg who had driven three hours to take our photos! To be proposed to at the falls with my best friends and a surprise photographer was nothing less than a dream come true. To make it even better they had packed a nice outfit and made reservations for a nice dinner for us that evening. How sweet!

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Special Thanks

Emily Vance
 | Photographer
Brittan Brenner
 | Planning
Antoine Johnson
 | Planning