Kailey and Ryan

How We Met

It was the summer of ’07 before freshman year of high school. I got a message on MySpace – yes you heard that right. Ryan messaged me because he thought I was really pretty and wanted to know what school I was going to. We both were attending the same high school and during the first half of high school he was very persistent on dating me, but I wasn’t so sure. Sure enough, his patience rewarded him and we gave it a try.

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Kailey and Ryan's Engagement in Malibu Beach

During lunch he asked me to be his girlfriend in front of BlockBuster – yes you heard that right too! We realized how young we were yet we both knew that what we had something extremely unique and special. Being the young teenagers that we were, we took an on and off break and realized that it didn’t feel right and got back together. As the end of senior year approached, we had big decisions to make we both were going to different colleges three hours apart and that certainly couldn’t work right? Everyone says long distance relationships don’t last…so we broke up…for a day that is. During our college years we grew an extremely strong bond and I just kept falling more and more in love with him. I kept thinking how can this be possible? We’ve been dating for 5+ years and I still feel like the silly little high school girl. How in the heck are we not sick of each other yet?

Kailey's Proposal in Malibu Beach

The end of my senior year of college approached and I got a dream job across the country in California. Ryan was still working on his degree in Maryland, so once again we encounter the same concern, can we make this work long distance? This time it really wasn’t even a question, we both just knew no matter what we’d figure it out. We had a bicoastal long distance relationship for two and a half years and finally this January he moved in with me. This year is our ten year anniversary, a decade, a FREAKING decade!!!! And some people will roll their eyes and might not believe me but I keep thinking, “God, I am so lucky.”

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Our ten year anniversary is on February 20th, which was a weekday so he wanted to celebrate the Saturday before. He told me I couldn’t do anything from 2-6: 30 pm because he had something planned. All week I kept trying to find out what we were doing so I could decide what I needed to wear! Saturday morning he told me to wear something ‘nice’ which makes me laugh because ‘nice’ has a spectrum of meaning when it comes to girls dressing up and going somewhere!! We went to our favorite breakfast spot (Blu Jam Cafe) then we got ready and headed up the PCH. I was thinking maybe we were going to Mastro’s steakhouse because he wanted me to dress nicely but then we passed it. Then I was thinking it had to do something with the beach…A couple miles out he handed me a bandana to blindfold myself. We got to the location and he told me to take it off so I could walk down the hill. We were in fact at the beach and once I got down the hill and to the sand he blindfolded me again and guided me.

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I started to hear music playing and that really got me anxious because I knew something was happening but I COULDN’T SEE IT! We stopped and I asked him to give me a second because I got nervous, I had no idea what was going on. When he took the blindfold off I saw my two guy friends taking pictures and videotaping us. I saw in the background a violinist on the rocks playing “All Of Me” by John Legend.

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I thought that was the surprise for our anniversary and was so impressed! I take document so much of my life so I thought my friends were there to document our anniversary, but then I looked down and realized I was standing in a heart with a picnic all set up. It was so romantic!! Ryan put his arms out and that’s when I went, “Oh. Ok, THIS IS HAPPENING!” He got down on one knee and popped that ring out! I couldn’t believe it!

Look how beautiful the set up was!! It was so PINTERESTING!

Afterwards, my friend took really beautiful photos of us that I will get to use as engagement photos.

We tried to recreate the scene from The Notebook where he says, “If you’re a bird I’m a bird.”

Every little girl dreams of how this moment would go down and honestly it exceeded my expectations. When I was little I never imagined my life to be where it is at now. The ring is EXACTLY what I wanted and I am so impressed he took the time to find the right ring and planned the most magical moment for us to remember for a lifetime. Now it’s my turn to plan the most magical wedding, well, with his help of course ;)

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