Kailey and Matthew

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How We Met

how they asked

What I thought was a normal day in Magic Kingdom ended up with my Prince Charming standing at the end of Main Street with a ring box in his pocket.

I was spending a week in Disney after Thanksgiving with my mom, sister, and grandparents because my dad left the country for business. My boyfriend was unable to attend because he had his last semester of nursing school finals the same week.

We talked throughout the week via text / phone, he even called me Tuesday night after work while he was at dinner with friends or so I thought.

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Wednesday, our last day at Magic Kingdom, was suppose to be a normal day with my mom and sister but things changed very quickly when I received a text that said, “turn around.”

My Prince Charming was standing in the Hub at the end of Main Street with a photographer. I eagerly walked over to him with excitement but more confusion.

He said he had came to surprise me, he knew how badly I wanted him to come with us. After taking a few pictures with the photographer he turned to me and told me how much he loved me and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and dropped down to one knee.

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With even more excitement I said, “YES!” I was completely surprised and amazed at how well he had pulled it off.

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He had asked my dad after we left for Orlando before he left for the airport. He then drove to Daytona to stay with his grandmother after class on Monday, never worked Tuesday, and was at a restaurant with his family on Tuesday night. I am impossible to surprise and he planned it out perfectly, I never had any idea.

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History: June 13th, 2014 was our first trip to Walt Disney World, as friends. It was a spontaneous trip which we had planned in two weeks.

He knew how much I loved Cinderella and looked everyday for a reservation to eat in her castle and was unsuccessful (these reservations are booked 180 days in advance and are impossible to book).

After the most magical day in Magic Kingdom we went to sit down for a little bit and rest. He pulled out a piece of paper and asked me if I would be his girlfriend and have our first date as a couple in Cinderella’s Castle. The little piece of paper was our reservation confirmation! How could you say no!?

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