Kailey and Daniel

Image 1 of Kailey Van and Daniel

How We Met

Daniel and I met our freshman year of high school via mutual friends. I was not interested in dating as I was a highly competitive equestrian whom didn’t have time for “boy drama”. Fast forward to the Spring of 2007, we started talking a lot and asked me out to a mini golf date. We dated for the rest of our high school years, took about a year break our first year of college but started dating after we felt that was a silly idea.

how they asked

Daniel had that week had just graduated with his masters in Sports Management and his parents wanted to throw him a graduation party with our friends/family. At least, that is what everyone told me what was going to happen. The “graduation party” was held down in Newport Beach, Ca on a Horn Blower cruise around sunset. Again, still have no idea even when I walked on the boat as the boat had graduation decorations. His sister decorated the dinner table with these gorgeous glass lit bottles with each person’s name on them and they had a money scratcher in each one. Once again, I have ZERO clue as it’s a normal Hale tradition to have them on occasions like this.

Image 2 of Kailey Van and Daniel

We all went up on the second floor of the boat and Daniel asked me to go get a drink on the first floor and to do our scratchers. I laugh about this now, but I was thinking to myself “We just were downstairs, why didn’t we get drinks then?” HA! After we got the drinks, he wanted to do the scratchers outside at the front of the boat and starting scratching it off. I saw it had 3 diamond rings but still didn’t have a clue and scratched the rest of it off reading “Will you marry me?”.

Image 3 of Kailey Van and Daniel

I looked over and he is down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. After finally convincing myself this is not a dream, I said “YES!”. It was so special and was awesome to have our family and friends there to see it happen!

Image 4 of Kailey Van and Daniel