Kailey and Chad

How We Met

After meeting through our best friends, we immediately hit it off. Growing up in the same small town, but not knowing each other due to our five year age difference. After two years of dating, I got pregnant with our first baby boy then soon after our second. Doing everything backward was not an issue, for Chad at least. Now, going on five years of being together I have gotten used to the non-traditional way of doing things, and that’s just how life is sometimes. Having a wonderful family and just getting deep into our new family-owned plumbing business has made us shine together in so many different ways. This proposal has truly been the icing on top of the cake!

Proposal Ideas Aruba

Kailey's Proposal in Aruba

How They Asked

This past weekend we were supposed to be attending a wedding. The wedding ended up being postponed and we had already had the kids taking care of for the long weekend ahead (Thurs-sun) so we decided to book another trip instead. We had heard a lot of great things about Aruba so we wanted to see what the talk was all about. A day into the trip we decided to book an excursion with ABC Tours for a UTV tour around Aruba. The first stop was one of the most amazing places I had ever seen in my life! After driving up these winding mountains we reached to the top of the Natural Bridge in Aruba. Just as we got to the front of the line to get our picture taken from our phenomenal tour guide Joal that’s when Chad popped the question and I was in such disbelief! It was the greatest day of my life!

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