Kaileen and Derek

Image 1 of Kaileen and Derek

How We Met: Derek and I met as I was a freshman at Huntington University. He saw me, and he fell for me right away. I, on the other hand, couldn’t immediately picture myself with the stud baseball pitcher, he always seemed way out of my league. Eventually the pursuit of our combined future began. He was a respectful gentleman as he asked me merely to walk with him around campus. Derek made it a priority that I always feat comfortable and safe when we were together. So, we walked mile after mile, for all to see. We had an instaneous connection. I can’t gladly say we both knew after the first walk that there would be walks like that for the rest of our lives. He was and is far beyond my dream man. I’m extremely blessed.

how they asked: Derek and I started dating on May 3rd 2016. He nervously asked me to be his on a bench we walked to frequently. The day of the proposal, I slaved in my apartment for hours creating a phenomenal surprise, celebratory feast. I wanted to say thank you, for his support and love throughout my last year of college. Little did I know he had a much more important surprise for me. After dinner Derek asked to go on a walk. The normality of the offer didn’t phase me. We walked and talked, taking pictures along the way. Pictures are a frequent part of our every day life. Documenting our adventures through pictures is key to creating lifelong memories for us. Ending our trip at “our bench” completed our typical walking trip. While we sat reminiscing of our time together we continued taking timed pictures from a distance with my cell phone. The last picture we managed to take is the picture you see above. Derek requested that I change the timer to 15 seconds. As I backed into position and turned to see my man, I then realized that my boyfriend was asking to become my husband. I melted and cried, barely squeezing out my “yes”. We began the dating chapter of our life on that bench, and began this next chapter from the same place.

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