Kailee and George

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How We Met

My first job was at a wing restaurant called Pluckers when I was 16. My best friend and I both worked there as hostesses. We were there pretty much every day after school until we graduated so we became really close with our co-workers and managers. There were constantly people hooking up and dating (which was against policy) but we were too young for everyone there at the time. George was our favorite floor manager. He was fun and laid back but we knew when he was serious. He wore his purple TCU hat every. single. day. I thought he was so cute but he was in his early 20s and I was in high school still. Nothing ever happened between us while I worked there, I didn’t even know he noticed me! Little did I know he had mentioned to our mutual friend and co-worker that “Kailee’s the kind of girl you marry.” When I went off to college at Ole Miss (8 hours from home) George added me snapchat and would send me hilarious snaps every now and then. I remember one time he called me and asked me to play a prank on a hostess that was working. I was drunk and forgot to do it. Then in about April of my freshman year, I got a text out of the blue asking if I’d go to dinner with him to catch up. Of course, I screenshot it, sent it to my best friend, asked if it was a date, panicked and told him I’d do lunch. Three years later, after lots of long-distance, facetiming and planning trips to see each other, I still get to make jokes about him being my boss.

how they asked

Easter weekend my whole family was down at my grandparent’s lake house. I spent pretty much every weekend at the lake house as a kid. We celebrated every holiday and birthday there and my parents actually had their wedding reception in the backyard. It’s my happy place! George had to work Saturday and was coming Sunday right after his family’s brunch. He got there right as we were planning on eating Easter lunch but per usual my family was running behind and we didn’t eat for 45 more minutes. We had just sat down to eat and George asked to talk to me outside. I honestly thought he was going to show me something in his car. He started walking me around to the backyard and as soon as I saw where he was taking me I knew. It’s a long walk down and I honestly can’t even remember what he said because I was in such shock. I do remember he said, “You have a lot of great memories here, right? Do you want to make a new one?” as he got down on one knee. Random people across the cove saw him getting down on one knee and started screaming, “OMG SAY YES!”

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After I said yes, he told me to look across the cove behind a bush and his mom (a professional photographer) was taking pictures the whole time with the rest of his family watching.

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They came over and we had champagne and went out on a sunset boat ride. As for our pictures, my grand-dad had been doing yard work that day and left a huge red wheelbarrow right in front of where George proposed; his mom wasn’t very happy but I wouldn’t change a thing!

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Special Thanks

Melissa Macatee
 | Photographer