Kailee and Chandler

how they asked: The love of my life proposed to me after four years of dating in the most thoughtful way imaginable. On May 30, the day between our yearly anniversary and my birthday, he picked me up from my house with what I thought were plans of taking me out to a nice restaurant. Halfway down my driveway, he said that he had a birthday surprise planned and that I needed to be blindfolded on the way there.

For what seemed to last for an eternity, he drove us around (in circles to confuse me) until we finally arrived at our destination. He carried me out of the truck and when the blindfold was removed, there he was on his knee, proposing, and in the most meaningful place ever. He asked me to marry him in one of the beautiful pastures that are on my family’s farm!

Image 3 of Kailee and Chandler

He even had my cousin there to photograph the entire proposal. But the surprise wasn’t over! He blindfolded me again and took me for another ride. This time, we arrived at my Great-Uncle’s farm where Chandler had a surprise engagement/birthday party waiting for me. My family, his family, and our friends were all there waiting to congratulate us! It was the best day of my life!

Image 1 of Kailee and Chandler

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Image 2 of Kailee and Chandler

For the best of the proposal pictures, you can find them on my Facebook under the album, “Proposal & Surprise Engagement” here.