Kailee and Aditya

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How We Met

It was about seven years ago that Aditya added me on Facebook from a mutual group that we were both in. He lived in Toronto, ON and I lived in Victoria B.C. He would ask me questions about relationships and the girls he was dating in his life, and I would do my best to give him advice. I also would message him regarding my relationships and the questions I had about life and love. I feel that since we were living across the country from one another we felt that we were each others safe space to share very intimate details of what we wanted in life, our fears, what made us scared, what made us laugh. We developed a natural sense of vulnerability online.

Four years ago our messages developed into a unique relationship where we knew knew so much about each other yet had never met in person. I felt so emotionally connected to a man that I had not even met yet. Aditya one day suggested that we start a journal together. He told me to write as honestly as possible, to never hold back any fears. The first time I saw his hand writing in our journal I felt that I was going to marry this man. A few months later after exchanging the journal back and forth we decided that it was time to meet in person. We decided a week together in Toronto, New York and Montreal would be enough time. I flew out to see him by myself. The first moment I Iaid my eyes on him my whole body froze and the world completely disappeared. My heart was pounding so much.

If there was one word to describe that first week together it would be pure magic. He allowed me to express myself in ways that felt completely terrifying yet so comfortable at the same time. At the airport I remember telling him before boarding my flight back to Victoria that after the week we spent together my heart found its home. I was completely terrified that my heart would break and that I would never see him again. How was my heart to find its home with a man that lived across the country?

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I came back home thinking that I wanted to spend my life with this man but never thought it would be possible. Later on that year he flew out to Victoria B.C, met my family and asked me to be his girlfriend on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. A year later I packed my bags, quit my job and moved to Toronto to be with him. After a few years in Toronto we moved to Vancouver which led to this amazing man proposing to me at the Butchart Gardens in front of my whole family. When the Universe wants two people together the Universe makes it happen.

how they asked

My dad decided to get together the family to go for a walk out to Butchart Gardens. It was nothing out of the ordinary because most of the time during the holiday season my family and I would be talk around the gardens since it is such a beautiful place to be in the holiday season. I had no idea what was going on as we entered the gardens, but my family were all texting Adi to see when and where he was going to propose. As we approached the main attraction at the garden near the water everyone just gathered around. Some family members were taking photos of each other. All of a sudden Adi walks back to where we came from and I ask him where he is going. He didn’t respond then I just remember everything happening so fast yet so slow at the very same time. He pulled out a ring and got down on one knee and said the most beautiful things about myself and the family that he is marrying into.

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I remember looking down at him in complete shock. I knew that my Dad’s side of the family was there but since my parents are not together I realized that my Mom was not there. I felt that she needed to be there to watch this very special moment. I did my best to be in the moment with Adi on his knee and tried not to think about where my Mom was. As soon as Adi asked “Will you marry me?” I could barely breath, I just nodded many times. I finally was able to get a breath out to say yes. As soon as I said “Yes!” Adi told me “Look up, Mom is right there.”

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That is when I completely let go, cried so hard and just rushed into her arms. It was such an emotional and beautiful moment, and for my family to be apart of that.. it was exactly what I wanted.

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