Kaila and Zachary

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How We Met

Zach and I met in 2014 – setup by our best friends! At the time, I lived in Manhattan and Zach in Chicago – his best friend from childhood was engaged to my best friend from growing up. The three of them went to college at Indiana University together and over all those years never thought to set us up….until Spring ’14. My friend’s bachelorette party was in Chicago and she told Zach to come out one of the nights to meet me. I had a slight idea this was a setup and we did in fact hit it off but he lived in Chicago and I was in NYC – long distance was off the books for me! We went our separate ways & did not exchange numbers. But we both knew we’d see each other one month later at their wedding in Boston.

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May 2014, we all reunited in Boston for their big day (my friend and I are originally from the Boston area) – I was a bridesmaid and he was a groomsmen. We saw each other again at the rehearsal dinner and instantly felt that spark. The next night at the wedding we shared our first kiss and the rest is literally history. From that day on my firm stance on no long distance relationships was thrown out the window. We dated long distance for almost 2 years following that night. We’d see each other once a month alternating trips between Chicago and New York. Finally in the Fall of 2015 we started the discussions of our next steps and after much debate (me being a stubborn Northeastern girl) we settled & I gave in to move to Chicago the following Spring.

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how they asked

Plans for my move were in motion – aiming for March or April of 2016. My sister lives in Seattle and Zach and I planned to visit her and her husband in January of that year. My parents, being NY natives, loved coming into NYC and staying in my apartment, so when they heard I would be out of town for a week, they jumped on the chance to stay in my studio while I was away. Little did I know they were conspiring on other plans! Zach and I planned to fly separately and meet in Seattle on a Friday. The day before, my parents arrived to the city so we could have dinner together before I left and they would stay on for a mini vacation of their own. Heading home from work that night, I intended to meet my parents at my apartment, but when I got home and opened the door I found Zach waiting inside with balloons & flowers!

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It was such a surprise (literally – see my face in this photo!) – I couldn’t believe he had tricked me and re-routed his entire travel without me knowing. Turns out my parents and girlfriends had all known since Thanksgiving! That night we met up with my parents and all of of my friends to celebrate before we were off on our trip – and what turned out to be our “engagement-moon”; the timing was perfect! We were able to celebrate with everyone in NY, then my sister & brother in law in Seattle and finally flew to Chicago to see his family the following weekend. What a whirlwind! It was the best surprise of my life….

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