Kaila and Peter

How We Met

Peter and Kaila met at 18 at Precamp for football and cheerleading. Peter was the quarterback at Towson and Kaila was the captain of the cheerleading team. They locked eyes the first night of camp and Peter never stopped chasing after Kaila.

Image 1 of Kaila and Peter

how they asked

On Thursday October 22, 2015 was the day of our proposal. Peter had already arrived in Greenville, South Carolina Wednesday to scout out the area where the big question would be popped. Kaila was going to be arriving Thursday evening and had been told that Peter would not be able to pick her up from the airport due to the fact that he was helping his brother Andrew set up some things for a lacrosse scrimmage that would happen on Saturday. Emily and Kilee Athens were going to be picking Kaila up from the airport and had told her they were going to grab dinner while they waited for the “guys” to meet up with them once done helping Andrew. Little did Kaila know that this whole time Peter and all of his siblings were at the location setting up the scene for the proposal. Let me paint the scene for you…..huge gorgeous waterfall (Kaila is obsessed with waterfalls), beautiful green grass, flowers blooming, water flowing, candle light by mason jars, flower pedals, and to top it off “our” song Thinking out loud playing in the background. All of this leading to me (Peter). Kaila would be led down a pathway absolutely oblivious to what was going on. As she came into my view I gave brother Arthur the signal to turn the music on, the look of surprise that swept across Kaila’s face was a look that I will always remember. She was in complete shock. She did the typical cover the mouth I cant believe this and immediately ran down the pathway which was lit by the candles in the mason jars. At that time she ran and jumped in my arms where I then dropped to one knee. As I gazed into Kaila’s eyes I told her that we have been through so much. Such incredible times and some moments that were very difficult. Kaila was told that her consistent love and support over the years was a one of a kind. A story was told about her ever ending support and at that time staring into her eyes told her that I want to love, respect, and cherish her the rest of my life and asked if she would be my wife. Kaila was so extremely happy when she said yes that she gave me the wrong hand for me to put the ring on, but it was a typical Kaila move and just one more reason why I love her and what she is about. Everyone there cheered and the celebration was on. Kaila and I stayed at the location once everyone left to have some alone time and embrace the moment and what had occurred. As we wait for the wedding on June 24,2016 and become frustrated with the long distance and not being able to spend every day together, we are reminded and thankful for Gods love and his plan that he has for our lives. We remember that his timing is perfect and the waiting and distance will all be worth it.

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