Kaila and Logan

how we met

I was selling raffle tickets, sitting at the front gate with a few of my softball teammates. As I hear the famous cleats hitting the sidewalk sound nearing me, I sit up straight and try to look my best. I was single and ready to mingle. I also had a thing for athletes. Although I did not see Logan, he saw me. Later I was told that he was instantly attracted and drawn to me. He claims he could not stop thinking about that pretty woman selling raffle tickets. As a week passes, another Saturday night rolled around. I was not feeling like going to a certain college party that my friends heard about. Well they eventually talked me into at least checking it out. As soon as I walked through the entrance way, a large man with a scraggly beard approaches me and says, “well hey there pretty woman”. Of course I was thrown off and confused as if he was actually talking to me. The first thing I said was, “do you even go to school here?”. That night was one of my personal favorites. I ended up following Logan around like a lost puppy until he left for the bar (I was only 19).

how they asked

We actually had received a photo session donated to us by some of my old coworkers and bosses at my grandmas stomach cancer benefit. They wanted the session to be used for engagement pictures. Well time went on and the session expired so I scheduled it just to get some cute couple pictures. We had a session scheduled in June but it ended up being cancelled for weather reasons. I’ve been told he wouldn’t have proposed then if the session still went on. Well the session got rescheduled for August. Last second we found a nature preserve which we hadn’t been to prior the photo session. We kind of just went with the flow and what we got would be what we got. Our photographer started search the grounds and we found the perfect area by a small bridge built by Boy Scouts back in 1997. The light and scenery was beautiful so we chose to start shooting. Our photographer had us whisper cereal names in sexy voices and I could not stop laughing. Well next thing I know he’s saying, “wait isn’t this supposed to be an engagement session?” I automatically said no for some reason. I start freaking out on the inside. Then he gets down on a knee and says, “pretty will you marry me?” I was trying not to cry because my makeup was done. I said yes! Later my parents walked out of the woods ‘what?!’ With Champaign and our first engagement present. We took beautiful endgame this photos after that.

Special Thanks

Photos by Ariel
 | Photography