Kaila and Kevin

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Ryan Park, Notth Kingstown Rhode Island

How We Met

Kevin and I met through a mutual friend. The first time we met, it was his birthday and we ran into him at a local bar. I asked him what we’re your top 31 moments of your life so far (he was just turning 30 so I wanted to make sure he threw in one for good luck). I think he could only name like 3 moments and little did I know that that night he wanted to say, meeting me was another one (to our surprise meeting each other is definitely in the top moments of our lives)

How They Asked

Kevin and I had been talking about engagement and he always said that he wanted it to be special and a big surprise. Let me tell you…I didn’t know if he’d be able to surprise me but 1.12.19 was the biggest and best surprise of my life. Kev had asked if we should go for a walk (at our fav spot to take our dog) and said that his friends Rob, Marisa and their dogs would be meeting us too. We pulled up to the park 15 min late and he said they had already started walking so we would just have to meet up with them. We got to our favorite spot which has the most beautiful bridge and he asked to take a family photo, which is a tradition. I went to set up my phone and that’s when I saw that a camera was set up.

Kevin grabbed my hands and then said you know I love you right? The rest of it was such a blur but I was in complete shock. All I know is that I said yes that day to my best friend and the love of my life. Also, it couldn’t be more special because we had our precious fur baby with us

Kaila's Proposal in Ryan Park, Notth Kingstown Rhode Island

Special Thanks

Rob Faustine
 | Photographer