Kaila and Justin's Beach Proposal

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How We Met

Justin and I met at a Zac Brown Band (Country) concert in San Diego April of 2012. Sleep Train Amphitheater is an outdoor venue and we were tailgating with mutual friends before the concert. It was pouring rain, he stole my hat, and the rest was history.

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how they asked

We’ve been inseparable since! Four years later he FINALLY proposed at Garrapata State Beach in Big Sur. We had always talked about visiting Big Sur, and decided to make a road trip up the coast on our way to Lake Tahoe for our 4th anniversary. Justin had planned a sunset proposal knowing how much I love the beach/sunsets. The day before our anniversary, May 12th, we drove from San Luis Obispo to Big Sur.

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It may have been one of the cloudiest days we’ve seen. I was carsick from the drive up Hwy 1 and couldn’t wait to get out of that car! Justin told me we were meeting our friends John and Teresa at Garrapata for sunset. It sounded a little fishy, but John and Teresa go to Big Sur often, and they are without doubt the type of people who would make the drive from Monterey to show us around. With no reception whatsoever, we missed our cutoff for Garrapata by 10 miles before we realized it.

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At this point I was asking Justin to just drive to the hotel so we could change and just go grab drinks and dinner with John and Teresa. He insisted we go down to the beach first….and Justin doesn’t like sand. We finally arrived and all I saw was a van, and a woman with a camera. We got out of the car and Justin asked her if this was the trail to get to the beach. She said, “Yeah, I’m going down there now, you guys can follow me.” She told us her husband was surfing as we walked down the trail. We got down to the beach and not only were there no people on the beach, there was no surfer in the water! Justin and I walked down the beach and before I knew it, I turned around and he was down on one knee asking me to marry him. Tears flooded my eyes and while I could see the shine of a diamond in the box he presented to me.

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I was so overwhelmed with happiness my mind couldn’t even process what the ring looked like. It was cold and we were dressed like it was the middle of summer….cause after years of living in San Diego, we’ve become San Diego kids who are always dressed for the sun.

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Justin has accepted a promotion in the Santa Rosa area and we are making our move up there next month (June). Once we’re settled in we are going to start planning our wedding for Summer 2017. It will likely be in the Northern California as both of our families are from this area.

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