Kaila and Cody

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how they asked

We were on vacation it was our first full day and I wanted to have a beach day. Cody had things to take care of that morning so I went ahead and went to the beach to get good seats. About an hour later Cody comes we go eat breakfast and everything and he just says “I have a surprise for you tonight, you need to be ready by six”. I’m thinking yay romantic beach dinner, something like that. I love surprises. We Played sand volleyball, walked on the beach, ate normal food and Cody wasn’t acting weird or nervous at all. So around 2, Cody all of a sudden was like I’m ready to go to the pool.

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And I was like no, I’m very content here I’m not ready yet. So we stay at the beach a little longer and he was still persistent we needed to go to the pool. I’m thinking whatever let’s just go. So we stay at the pool until 4 go back to the room and get ready. We’re ready at like 530, still nothing out of the ordinary. So we leave our room and start walking towards the surprise. It’s towards the beach and I’m still clueless thinking beach dinner. Whenever we get down to the beach there’s a photographer and a woman named Francesca and Cody said: “hey Francesca”. I’m thinking who are you.

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So the photographer asked if he could take a few pics before and I was all for it. Then whenever we turned around, there was a walkway towards a heart with rose petals and in the heart, it was dug in the sand, “will you marry me Kaila” and I said yes and it was so perfect. The reason we had to leave the beach was that he could see the people digging it up and didn’t want me to be curious and go see what’s going on.

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