Kaihla and Mark | Beautiful Mountaintop Proposal


How We Met: I don’t think that Mark or I had any idea what our initial meeting would turn into; we met one crazy night at a local campus pub through a mutual friend who had introduced us. Even though that night that we first met didn’t seem meaningful at the time, looking back now it wasn’t about a big romantic meeting; it was about being there, at the right time, because our two souls needed each other more than we could have ever imagined. The life that we share has always been based on an honest, inexplicable connection; from the very beginning it was about saving one-another from a deep darkness that we had uniquely found ourselves trapped inside of, and with the help of one-another, we were able to escape that and come out on the other side better than before. Four and a half years ago we found each other amidst a cloud of uncertainty and self-discovery and over those four years we’ve both aided each other in becoming two uniquely creative and inspiring people who have been made a better person because of the other.


how they asked: During the last month of summer, Mark mentioned to me that he’d like to go to “our spot” in Jasper for one more day trip before the snow falls. It’s not out of the ordinary for us to made a day trip to the mountains; it’s the perfect way for us both to recharge and renew our inspiration, and a perfect way to get out of the city and have our own little date with each other.

We awoke leisurely on Sunday with no pressing timelines or schedules. Mark made us our usual morning coffee and packed up our backpack filled with sweaters, beer, and books, while I gathered all of my camera equipment together. Once we got to Jasper, we parked the truck, gathered our things and started the 10 minute walk up the mountain. I had asked Mark if he would take a few photos of me on top of the mountain earlier that day, so as soon as we got to the top and set all of our things down he did just that and then began setting up the tripod for some photos and videos.


We were going to do some test shots with video, so he had me stand in front of one of the most beautiful landscape backdrops and told me to just let my hair and sweater blow with the wind. A few minutes later, he walked up beside me and asked me if he could read me a letter that he had wrote. He unfolded a piece of paper from his pocket and spoke some of the most heartfelt and honest words that I have ever heard (cue MAJOR tears….). When he finished reading his letter, he let it fall to the ground, and got down on one knee. From his pocket he pulled this unique little handcrafted box and opened it to reveal one of the most unique rings I had ever seen; granted at this point I literally couldn’t ACTUALLY see the ring considering that I was crying so incredibly hard…

Post proposal, this sneaky little guy pulled champagne out of his backpack, and in true Mark & Kaihla style, we drank champagne from our camping cups, and spent the next hour laughing and dancing and taking pictures.