Kaie and Dan

How We Met

Dan and I met on my second day of work, but I heard a lot about him from our coworkers on my first day. On day 2 he walked by my cube and then quickly backed up to introduce himself to me. After that day we became fast friends. Dan quickly fell for me and this was apparently obvious to the entire world except me. As we became better friends Dan always looked for excuses to be with me. He always offered to drive me home or take me to wherever I was headed off to next ( he really used his car to his advantage). I thought he was just being nice until someone asked if I knew that Dan was in love with me, and I slowly started to see him in a different way. It took me about a year to come around to the idea of dating Dan and it wasn’t until after he publicly professed his love to me on a rooftop in Boston that I decided he might be worth my time. I very quickly realized how wonderful and kind he was and it wasn’t long before I was falling for him too. I don’t remember the exact moment when we became friends because it was always so easy. Falling in love was just as easy I haven’t looked back since I finally gave him that chance.

How They Asked

Dan sent me on what he would call a scavenger hunt, but what I would call a wild goose chase all over Boston. He woke me up by handing me a letter that told me I would be going on this scavenger hunt and he would be waiting for me at the end. My first stop was a coffee shop that we go to regularly. The note was handed to me along with a bagel and coffee that had already been ordered for me. The full scavenger hunt was 8 stops including the place where we met, the place where we first said: “I love you” and so many other little memories in between. At each stop, there was a letter waiting for me. These letters explained why each place was special and how he knew at each of these places that he loved me. I got to relive our story as I visited each place.

Kaie and Dan's Engagement in Boston

I spent 4 hours happy crying in various locations around Boston because this was the most thoughtful, romantic and well-planned adventure I had ever experienced.m After what seemed like an eternity for both of us, I finally made it to the final stop which was an ice cream shop that we had gone to the first time we hung out after work. It was at this place that we both distinctly remember having a conversation that made us realize the other person was special. Dan was waiting for me across the street in a park overlooking the place where we had this conversation. He proposed to me with a ring that he designed using diamonds from my mom and my grandmother’s rings. The rest is a blur and I cried more and said yes!

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