Kaiden and Jenny

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How We Met

2020 was a very eventful year and love was the last thing that I expected to find. I am a huge gamer and I met Jenny on one of the war games that we play. I had been checking her out for a while but too nervous to say anything to her until the day she messaged me hello! That was the day that changed my life forever. We were long-distance for a while but I was eager to see her and have her in my arms but with her being in Colorado and myself in New York (also Covid didn’t make it easier) it was a bit hard. But we made plans to see each other in August and was the greatest time I’ve ever had. When she left my heart had broken because I missed her so much. My mother said I was afraid to love again but when I met Jenny my heart was opened for everything she was giving me. I went to visit her in Colorado at the end of September and had already found a job because we decided to physically be together from that moment on. Every day since then we have been in complete bliss.

How They Asked

If 2020 has taught me anything it that time waits for no one and I didn’t want to waste another minute without asking this woman to be my wife. I planned a photo shoot for us and had a few friends and the Photographer in on the surprise as Jenny had no clue. We took a few photos and I pretended to leave my phone in the car so I could run back and meet up with our friends who were hiding and waiting for me.

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The photographer took Jenny to the side but of course, she kept turning around asking what I was doing lol. I carefully set up a few gifts leading to a gazebo and our friend was waiting to record our moment. She opened every gift in front of her until the last one where I got on one knee and asked her to be my love forever. She’s my forever love and on May 28, 2022 it will become official. I’ve never known a love like hers before but every day I’m blessed to experience it.

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