Kaely and Austin

How We Met

Austin and I first met in college. We had bio class together and the ecology club. I didn’t really notice him but by his account, he tried talking to me and I brushed him off. Fast forward a summer and semester later… I was working at a teahouse and he stopped by to grab a drink before going to a chem review. He started talking to me like he knew me and I honestly thought he was mistaking me for someone else but I went along with it. Then he mentioned an ecology club trip we took together and a lightbulb.. kinda.. went off. I now knew I had met him but still didn’t know his name. We went through a whole conversation, exchanged numbers, and made plans to go snowboarding without me knowing his name. Just before he left for his review he turned to me and said, “by the way, what’s my name?” He totally called me out and caught me off guard even though I’m usually pretty hard to phase.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Olympic National Park

After that it was a whirlwind of road trips, traveling to 7 different countries, moving across the United States, and getting our two dogs together.

Proposal Ideas Olympic National Park

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Olympic National Park

Where to Propose in Olympic National Park

How They Asked

I’m a photographer and was attending a workshop in Seattle, I asked him if he wanted to come with and make a trip out of it. We planned one of the days for going to Olympic National Park with a friend that lived in Washington. We did the Storm King trail which was fairly strenuous and yet he was racing up it with my short legs struggling to keep up. At the top, we asked our friend to take a couple of pictures for us and it was there that he asked me to marry him. My future HUSBAND!!!