Kaeli and Brian

How We Met

Brian and I met on Instagram through geotagging the same place on the same day. We followed each other, bantered in some comments, until one day I got the guts to slide into those DMs and ask what kind of hiking around my area he’d done.

Brian’s from Oregon and I’m from Nevada. The DMs quickly turned texts, turned long phone calls, turned into well… let’s meet and do what we both love to do. So I picked him up at the airport and we did a three-day hiking trip through Northern California and Nevada at all my favorite spots. Sierra Buttes and Sardine lake being the first stop. We fell in love climbing to the top of the mountain behind me in these proposal photos.

how they asked

Fast forward a few years later, a girlfriend of mine (who just so happens to be an amazing photographer) had reached out to me and asked to do a fun couples shoot up at Sardine Lake. I didn’t think too much of it because we have randomly shot with her a few times. What was funny is I explained to her after asking me, is Brian and I had our first “date” there.

On the day of, we were driving up but it’s the second winter there, so there are two feet of snow and all the main roads to get there are closed (unknowingly). Bridgette suggests we hike to our destination for pictures because heck we are already here. So a mile and a half up the mountain in two feet of snow we went.

We got there and everyone was frozen solid, but we had a blast shooting pictures and showing Bridgette around our favorite spots there. I even tried to change outfits a few times but I was just too frozen to put different things on. It was so cold I thought we were heading out, but Bridgette took me to the shoreline for a few more photos, had me by myself for a few poses and then told me to turn around. Brian was on one knee. I think I just stared at him blankly for 30 seconds before yelling YES YES!!

Where to Propose in Sardine Lake Resort, California

We celebrated all the way down the mountain and as soon as we got to town, he had helped plan a secret surprise engagement party with all my friends and family. It was the perfect day, and I’m so excited to marry this amazing man who made this day so special for us !!

Kaeli's Proposal in Sardine Lake Resort, California

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