Kaeley and Garrett

How We Met

Garrett and I were introduced by a mutual friend in high school. It was New Year’s Eve and I and my best friend Sydney had no plans at all. I received a text from a long time friend, JP, saying how we should come with him and some of his friends to a party that night. Sydney and I were so excited to have plans and be going to a party! JP then sent me another text saying, “Also, my friend Garrett thinks you’re really attractive.” and we both knew at that moment we had to go so I could asses who his friend was! We met up with them and the party was nonexistent, but we hung out all night! Garrett and I were both too shy to make the first move, so we didn’t share a New Years kiss or anything!

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Marriage Proposal Ideas in On a bridge over their family pond

We didn’t even exchange numbers! In the following months, we all hung out multiple times and formed our own friend group and it was during that time that I started developing feelings for Garrett. One night while we were all hanging out he made the move and kissed me! The next morning we were boyfriend and girlfriend and we have been together ever since. I was 16 and he was 18 at the time. I look back and I’m so thankful I have gotten to grow up with my soulmate and experience so many different phases of life together already! Not many people know when they are 16 who their forever is, but luckily we both knew instantly we were made for each other!

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How They Asked

Fast forward 6 years, and I am impatiently waiting for him to ask me to be his wife finally! The week he proposed, it was his Grandmother’s birthday. His mom told me that we were going to do dinner later that week at our favorite restaurant for her birthday. I thought nothing of it! The day of the birthday dinner, I went to get my nails done because I was bored. He thought I was catching on, but I had NO idea! Before dinner, Garrett told me we were going to his family’s barn to have some drinks before dinner with everyone. We head over to the barn (45 minutes late because I have never been on time) and he said he wanted to go over to the bridge on their pond to say hi to everyone. We walk over, me completely oblivious, to the pond where there is a basket on the bridge. He walks me up to the bridge to the basket and says he has a surprise for me. I would not open the basket because I swore there was a snake in there?! Anyway, he opened the basket and there was a pug puppy, soon to be named Gus! I am in complete shock! I remember yelling, “Oh my gosh is he mine??” His mom comes out of nowhere taking pictures of us and I am crying. Keep in mind he hadn’t asked me to marry him yet, I totally forgot about his promise! He takes Gus and puts him back down and I give him a look like, “What are you doing I want to hold him” and he grabs my hand and gets down on one knee! I have never been so surprised.

After he proposed they revealed a big party with all our family and friends at the barn to celebrate! Turns out, Garrett had been hiding Gus for 5 days before the engagement with the help of my family and his. Garrett kept his promise from when we were in high school to make me his fur-ever! Our engagement is something we can relieve every day through Gus. We’re so blessed!

Special Thanks

Carol Carter
 | Photographer
Pat Carter
 | Planning