Kaelah and Bryant

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How We Met

Bryant and I met in high school. We actually went to rival high schools( I went to the better one;) ). We didn’t know much about each other except that each of us had another significant other. We went three years in undergraduate at LSU without speaking more than 2 times. Our senior year, both of us were relatively recently single and ran into each other at a local bar. He bought me a drink and I asked him to be my date to my sorority function that was just 2 days later in the week and I already had a date. He was thrilled and immediately said yes. I woke up the next morning to multiple texts about the event and told him I was on the sorority executive board so I couldn’t drink. He came over the night of the event and stood by my side as I had to boss all the girls around to get them on the buses. I had been to dozens of sorority date functions, somewhere it was formal, some with a random and somewhere I could or could not drink, but this one, with Bryant was by far the most fun I had ever been to. He knew I was stressed, and he relaxed me, made me have fun and made an effort to meet all my friends. He went on later to win King of the sorority, no surprise.

how they asked

The week before May 21, 2017, Melissa with Bliss Photography texted me to model for her. She had taken several of our family photos, hundreds of photos of me during my high school and college years, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary. She told me to wear a plain white dress and no other jewelry because I would be modeling her friend’s new jewelry line. I woke up the next Sunday, May 21, I did my hair and makeup and waited until 2 PM. The shoot was going to be held at my undergraduate college and one of my deepest loves, LSU. I couldn’t drive due to an injury and Melissa said if I wanted to bring Bryant, she would take a few new pictures of us after our shoot (How well executed!) We showed up and walked into the quad, where we had previously met up during our final year of college, on our breaks, for quick kisses and chats. As we were walking into the quad, memories flowed and Bryant turned to me, teary-eyed and I just knew what was happening. He got down on one knee, gave the sweetest little speech about our time together and asked me to be his wife. He remembered the date we met, the date of our first kiss, and the date he first told me that he loved me. It was the fastest and easiest “YES” in my life. Tears flowed and Melissa came out and got it all on camera. We then went around our LSU campus to take more pictures, full of love. At this point, I was so shocked that Bryant had pulled this off.
When we got home, both of our families and all of our friends were there to surprise me. The entire house was decorated and it was an amazing time. It was such a joy to celebrate with everyone. It truly was one of the best days of my life and I still can’t believe two things. 1. That Bryant was able to pull off this proposal and 2. That I get to marry such an amazing thoughtful man.

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