Kaela and Mike

How We Met

Kaela and Mike first met while working at a hospital in Wesley Chapel 6 years ago! Mike was a paramedic and Kaela was working as a scrub nurse. Kaela and Mike both push each other to be better people in everything they do. They are both competitive people and challenge each other often. Kaela loves Mike’s unique skills of playing guitar, writing music, and rapping. They both love to travel and have a huge personalized world map of places that they have gone together. When Kaela and Mike are not out traveling, they spend most of their time with their sweet rescue pup, Jax.

Kaela knew Mike was the one when she first said “I love you”, 6 months into their relationship. She never thought she would say it first. They were consumed with each other and couldn’t get enough. The hardest part in their relationship was when Kaela got into school in Upstate New York and knew there was a constant countdown of when she would be leaving for school. They embraced the time they did have, as much as they could, and that is when she fell in love with him.

How They Asked

Mike took Kaela hiking at the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina at the end of November 2019. Once they were done sightseeing and hiking with Jax, Mike took her to a gazebo. He pretended like he was going to take a picture and recorded his proposal in a very quiet, secluded area with stunning round solitaire diamond.



Special Thanks

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