Kaela and Daniel

Image 1 of Kaela and Daniel

How We Met

Daniel and I were actually really good friends throughout high school, but it wasn’t until towards the end of our senior year that we started dating. We went to different colleges 4 and a half hours apart and decided that we would just try it out and see what happened.. clearly it worked out because here we are now!

how they asked

I thought that I was getting ready for an “anniversary date”, when my doorbell rang and I went outside to find a box with a lock on it and an envelope labeled “clue 1” on my doorstep.

Image 2 of Kaela and Daniel

I was confused but didn’t think too much of it because Daniel usually plans surprises. The first clue took me to the spot where we had our first date, where his mom and sister had “clue 2”. It was then that I knew something was up and immediately became nervous.

Image 3 of Kaela and Daniel

Clue 2 took me to another spot around town where we had been on a date where his nieces, brother, and sister in law were waiting with clue 3. Clue 3 brought me to yet another spot around town that we had been before where my best friend/ now maid of honor was waiting with the last clue (finally!).

Image 4 of Kaela and Daniel

Each clue had a little poem leading me to guess the next spot to go to, along with a number on each envelope to eventually unlock the box. In the box was a bracelet with coordinates from my maid of honor.

Image 5 of Kaela and Daniel

I typed in the coordinates to figure out where I was supposed to go next and they led me near Big Lake in City Park where Daniel was waiting for me with the sweetest proposal speech ready to get down on one knee with the prettiest ring.

Image 6 of Kaela and Daniel

Image 7 of Kaela and Daniel

Afterwards, we had a mini engagement photo session then went back to his house where our closest family and friends were waiting to celebrate!

Image 8 of Kaela and Daniel

Special Thanks

Jannah Alexander
 | Photographer