Kae and Erik

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How We Met

He knew of me through some mutual friends but I had no clue who he was. My friend was messing around with my instagram account and she followed him without telling me anything. When I got home I saw a request from him that he wants to follow me back, so without any extra thoughts I accepted it. Then I started to have an instagram crush on him, but I would never like his pic or comment. About half a year passed and then he messed me saying that knows me. And I clearly knew that I don’t know him because my favorite name was and still is “Erik” and that’s his name, so i would clearly remember a handsome Erik. Then we started to talk a little but I wasn’t sure if he was serious or not because his charms and his character was too good to be true. It turned that it’s true. In about month later we went on our first state and from that point I was hooked on him for good.

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how they asked

It was our six month anniversary. We went on a date to my favorite beach. There his friends earlier prepared a set up for us. We were taking a walk and I saw that set up on the beach, oh how romantic it was. Then he told me it was for us. We sat down, he started to make a little camp fire and I was a little suspicious because deep down I knew it wasn’t an ordinary date. He made me a scrap book of our relationship. It was really sweet, saying how much he loves me and all that cute stuff. When I got to second to last page, it said my first middle and last name with our most recent pic. I turned to the last page and it said will you marry me?

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I looked over, he was standing on his knee with a beautiful ring. My mind just went blank and full of excitement. Only thing i could think of is to give him a tight hug and then said “YES”!

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