Kacy and Branden

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How We Met

Branden and I fell into each other’s life by pure fate (coincidence if you want to be technical). I was going down from Roanoke, VA to a concert in Raleigh, NC with my mom and couple other ladies to see Tim McGraw.

Branden’s dad had given him tickets to the same concert that day, but he wasn’t a huge fan of country music so he wasn’t planning on even going at first. But last minute he changed his mind, grabbed a friend, and came late only to find that his seats were taken. He looked around and saw me and thought “that girls cute I’ll sit next to her!” (Later on I told him he needed glasses because it was SO HOT that day and I looked a hot mess) When I saw him stop at the end of my aisle and look at me I thought “please dear Lord sit next to me!” He did (the whole row was empty so he could have very well sat in any other seat). I probably had the biggest dumb smile on my face. Butterflies in my stomach. Trying to think of something good to say. I put my elbow on the elbow rest (because there was only one) and I said “we can share this” (real smooth I know). That’s when he smiled the most beautiful big smile I’d ever seen in my entire life and said “Okay!” That’s also when I fell madly in love with it.

Tim McGraw came on and we were singing and dancing and cracking up the entire time. I don’t even remember the show. I was too preoccupied. Eventually the concert ended and we had to say goodbye. We of course exchanged numbers, and text that night until I couldn’t hold my eyes open anymore.

As MY luck would have it my phone completely crashed the next day. And I was freaking out because I had no idea what his number was to get a hold of him.. I remember jokingly telling mom how he was going to be my future husband and now probably thought that I was ignoring him so it was ruined and I’d never get married now (I wasn’t kidding!). THANK THE LORD FOR FACEBOOK because I found him and messenged him on there. He gave me his number again, and my mom (slightly unwillingly) let me use her phone nonstop for a few days so I could talk to him untill I got a new one. I was smitten. And apparently he was smitten with me too! We started dating a few weeks later, and since we were long distance he would come up to visit me almost every single weekend. Until about 3 months later when he drove up his car broke down, he’s been stuck here in Virginia with me ever since (I didn’t do anything to break his car down I swear)!

He tells me every day how beautiful I am, how much he loves me, he feeds me when I get hangry (which is often), he encourages me, and always makes me laugh. I’ve never felt so much love for anyone before. I fall for him more every single day. We’ve been smitten with each other for two and a half years now, and I couldn’t imagine my life without him!

Kacy's Proposal in Hamill Christmas tree farm

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Hamill Christmas tree farm

how they asked

I’ve always wanted a good photo shoot of us, so when I saw one of my friends doing a Christmas special on a photo shoot, I asked her if she would come with us to the Christmas tree farm that Saturday and get some pictures of us. I asked my parents to tag along too so we could get some family pictures while we were at it! Mom and I wore flannels and the boys wore gray, and we even got little outfits for the dogs to wear! We looked snazzy lemme tell ya! It had actually snowed that day, so that made it even more pretty outside!

We got up to the top where there was a pretty over look of all the trees! She started snapping pictures and I could feel Branden breathing really heavy. He works out almost every day, so it was unlike him to be out of breath. But I didn’t question him. She took some of just us, and had me turn around to get some of me from behind (which made me little suspicious). She told me to turn around. I turned around to see the man of my dreams down on one knee holding the ring of my dreams. I started crying and asked “are you being for real?!” (Duh Kacy, of course he is) he said “I love you so much Kacy Lin Milton, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?” And I either said yes or I nodded, I was such a mess by that point I don’t even remember what I said. It was everything I wanted and more! Our doggy even got to be there! Now I can’t stop looking at the ring, or at him. I’m so incredibly joyful! Now we get to plan the wedding of our dreams, and start a new exciting chapter of our life together!

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