Kacy and Andrew

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Andrew and I decided each summer we would do something adventurous! Last summer he picked white water rafting so this year I chose a hot air balloon ride. I was so excited about going on a hot air balloon ride that the idea of him proposing never entered my mind. Our ride was originally planned for Tuesday, August 7th but was canceled due to bad weather. Andrew was so upset that it was canceled and I didn’t understand why! Our flight was rescheduled for that Thursday, August 9th. We grabbed some pizza before we went and Andrew barely got through one slice. He just kept saying he was nervous for our flight so he couldn’t eat. We got to our take off site and started our voyage.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Hot Air Balloon

In the air, Andrew started talking about all the amazing adventures we had been on. Andrew has always been a “lovey-dovey” person so it didn’t click immediately in my head about what was going on. He went on to talk about talking to his pastor about knowing she’s the one. My eyes lit up and I realized what was happening! He recited a promise he wrote for me and got down on one knee. I was completely surprised! When our balloon landed, to my surprise, both our parents pulled up to celebrate! We took lots of pictures and toasted with champagne to the beginning of our greatest adventure yet!

Kacy and Andrew's Engagement in Hot Air Balloon

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Hot Air Balloon

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