Kacie and Tim

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How We Met

Tim and I met online. The first time I noticed his profile I definitely kept swiping (he was wearing boxers and a spongebob tee shirt)! Fast forward a few months and a different dating site and I decided to just write a message. We decided fairly quickly to meet for dinner later that week. Our first date was at Texas Roadhouse and he needed to go to a store afterwards and asked me to go so we drove our own cars. The store was only a few minutes away and I was standing out front for a good 10 minutes thinking he definitely just stood me up , then my phone rang and it was him telling me he got confused and got on the exit ramp by accident! I knew immediately he was someone I could see in my future.

My life was extremely chaotic when we first started dating, my Mom had just passed away, my Nana was dealing with Dementia and moved with family across the country, and I was raising my friends two children. Tim was my rock through everything and showed me everyday how much he loved me and the children.

How They Asked

We had been dating over 3 years and talked about marriage but in my mind it was still going to be awhile until he proposed. In September I suggested we do family pictures again like last year and Tim said his friends daughter was a photographer he could talk to her. Within a day Tim had set up a time and date for us and told me to choose a location. I thought this was odd because I usually have to remind him to do things numerous times before he actually does them, but I just went a long with it. As the date got closer Tim mentioned that he wanted to ask his parents to get pictures because they hadn’t had pictures in a long time and his sister was pregnant and he thought it would be nice for her and her husband. I’m not going to lie, I thought this was just ridiculous that he was inviting all these people to our photo session but just kept quiet. The day of the pictures we arrived at the park and Tim was acting strange he was like trying to be ahead of me talking to the photographer and excluding me from the planning of it but I was busy dealing with the kids and just let him decide on the photos. We did agree after the kids individual pictures were done and the family ones that him and I would get a couple of just us. Tim suggested for the last picture we both turn around and when the photographer said to we would both face each other and make silly faces. I said whatever because at this point I was ready to be done. So I listened and turned around and when the photographer said to turn there Tim was on his knee with a ring! I was in complete shock in fact we realized later that night I never even said yes! I did keep saying stop, are you serious! Little did I know friends and family were there as well watching the whole thing and brought champagne to celebrate with us! Our wedding is set for November 21 2020! I cant! wait to marry my best friend!

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