Kacie and Joshua

How We Met

Josh messaged me on Facebook in June 2013 asking me if I wanted to be friends with him. I was extremely unsure of who this strange guy was and why he wanted to be my friend. The more we started to talk, I felt God telling me this guy was about to change my life forever. I decided to give him a shot and it turned out we used to play basketball together with a church league when we were 8 years old. He sent me some pictures of us two playing basketball together and him sitting right behind me in the group picture. God placed a special feeling in my heart whenever I talked to Josh, and here we are 2 years later, engaged.

Image 1 of Kacie and Joshua

how they asked

Everyone who knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE Disney World. My family and I have been there over 20 times and love it everytime. This Thanksgiving, my whole family, Josh, and I went to Disney World for 6 days. It was quite the exciting trip, my sister announced she was pregnant and my dad, who had never “officially” proposed to mom, proposed to her for real after 31 years of marriage. By this point I was on cloud 9 from all of the surprises that were taking place. Little did I know, I was about to have the biggest surprise of my life happen. It was our last night in Disney and I wanted to capture some pictures in front of the castle with Josh, since we were wearing matching shirts. My sister was having trouble getting the lighting just right so I finally agreed on one of the pictures and started to walk away. This is when it happened…Josh grabbed my arm & asked my sister to take one more picture just to be sure the lighting was right. Little did I know what he was about to do. He pulled me close and told me how much he loves me and how he can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives living together for God & got down on one knee. The rest is all a blur,I remember saying YES & giving him a long hug. It all happened with my parents watching, it could not have been more magical!

Image 2 of Kacie and Joshua