Kacie and Jordan

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How We Met

I was working at Allstate at the time and had a co-worker who mentioned Jordan’s name one day, saying “You should meet Jordan! He’s tall!” I kinda giggled and didn’t say anything. She told me a little about him and I immediately had a feeling I needed to check him out further. I looked him up on Facebook (of course!) and saw how handsome he was and thought that there was no way he’d like me. I just wasn’t that lucky! Little did I know she had already sent him a text message telling him about me also. He sent me a message on Facebook and I jumped out of my seat! He WAS interested! He was planning to leave for Illinois for his annual hunting trip with his family so we had to wait 9 days before meeting in person. We talked until the wee hours of the morning and throughout the days for that period of time, which made us fall for each other even more.

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Probably into our third day of talking we both had a feeling it was right, and we hadn’t even met face to face yet. When the day came for him to come home he asked me to go out on our first date that evening, so he drove from Illinois all the way to Florida and then to my house to pick me up at the front door. There was nothing stopping him from taking me to dinner. My heart was pounding when he pulled into the driveway. The man of my dreams and I hadn’t even touched him yet. How was that even possible? I nervously walked outside and talked myself out of running to his truck. I calmly walked up to him and we hugged each other tightly for a minute or two. It was like coming home and feeling something that I had not felt in my entire life. We spent the entire evening staring at each other and taking it all in. That was the night I knew that I would marry him. God somehow lead us to one another and it couldn’t have been more perfect timing. We were both as ready as we could be at that stage in our lives for the love we didn’t know we already shared. It was instant love.

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how they asked

I planned a weekend away in St. Augustine a little over three months ago as part of his birthday present. I rented a sailboat to spend the night on, which I thought would be really sweet. Jordan is the kind of guy who likes to make the plans, so it never crossed my mind that he would propose on a trip I had planned. Our reservation for the sailboat was for a Saturday night and that Monday I received a message from the owner’s that they had to cancel it due to the AC going out. Jordan was quick to book a B&B in its place so that we could still go, especially since we planned on this for three months and it’s one of our favorite places to splurge (and eat too much). We spent the whole day Saturday walking around, drinking and eating and ended it by taking a walk near the Fort where nobody was around. It was around 7 so the sun was setting right on the water. I had been acting like a brat since my pants zipper broke and I felt like a fatty.

He asked someone who walked by to take a picture of us (something other than a selfie!!) and that’s when he turned and got down on his knee and asked. Thankfully, the woman he asked to take our picture switched the phone to camera mode and captured it all on video. That was a huge surprise!! So thankful that she did that for us. We laid on the ground afterward for a little over an hour, crying and laughing, then called our parents on face time. Best and sweetest moment of our lives.