Kacey and Ronnie

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How We Met

Ronnie and I met at a Pappadeux’s in Houston. He and his band, Merlot Music were the live entertainment for the evening with him on keys. His drummer is a friend of mine and he’d been pressuring me for a long time to come hang out and watch him do his thing (thanks, Andreas). I talked a girlfriend of mine into tagging a long and we headed out. After their first set, Ronnie came over and introduced himself. He didn’t ask me for my number or anything, just a basic introduction. He followed that up by finding me on FB (via a video I did of them playing) and slid in my DM’s (or inbox…but DM’s sounds better). He played the piano for me that night over the phone and invited me to have breakfast with him a couple of days later. Obviously I went….and the rest is history.

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how they asked

Last year was a really rough year for me. My dad had a heart attack earlier that year, followed up by finding out he had stage IV lung cancer. Ronnie had been a really big support through it all to me and my family. He’d even come to the hospital to cut my dad’s hair for him because as my dad says, “when you look good, you feel good.” So anyway, Ronnie is also a professional musician. His band was playing at a jazz brunch and of course I was there because, brunch. I wasn’t expecting my dad to come because the chemo had him feeling down but he was popped up about halfway through. At one point he and Ronnie had gone outside, but no one ever said why (I later found out that he’d asked for my hand in marriage after dad had gotten out of the hospital and they were outside so he could get my dad’s final approval on the ring he’d chosen).

I’d been sitting at the table since about 10:30 and brunch wasn’t over until after 2, so I was beyond tired. I actually dozed off at the table right before he proposed. He’d come over to the table while they wrapped their last set and was asking me about my plans for the day. In my sleepy annoyance I said something smart about going home to do laundry since he was due to go back to his barbershop for his afternoon appointments.

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I had my head turned away from him during this conversation and when I turned back to look at him, he was on one knee at the table. I also closed the ring box and gave it back because my mother wasn’t there and I just KNEW she was going to kill us. He likes to tell people that I punched him, but he can’t prove it and I’m denying it.

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Special Thanks

James Parish
 | Photographer