KaCee and Matthew - His and Her Sides!

How We Met; Matthew’s side:

It was  just another day at the gym. For some time I had been seeing this new girl who worked and worked out at the gym. I didn’t know much about her except that she would make drinks and shakes at the gym occasionally. I would say hey every now and then but we just really did not care for each other. One day out of nowhere she asked me if I was seeing anyone? I said that I was not and then she proceeded to tell me about her roommate and how she wanted us to meet.

Little did I know at the time I was supposed to be the rebound guy for her friend. KaCee wanted us to go to dinner so we could meet. I told her ok but was still wondering why she was wanting to set me up with her friend when KaCee herself didn’t like me. Whatever, I said sure. Turns out her friend couldn’t go that night so we tried a different night and she couldn’t go again so I asked KaCee if she wanted to go out to eat with just me, as friends of course. She said sure so we went to Twisted Taco next to the mall. Of course, out of all possible places and all possible nights this has to be the night that my older sister Steph and all her friends are there, go figure! So naturally everyone of them have to come up and give me crap about any possible thing they can. KaCee thought it was funny. So after that night KaCee realized that maybe I am not such a horrible person after all.

That was July 3, 2008 and every since then I have loved her more than anyone in my life and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her!!!

How We Met; KaCee’s Side:

The first semester of college in 2008, I went to work at a local gym. After about two to three months, I had the ‘pleasure’ of meeting Matthew and making him his special protein shake. We most definitely did not hit it off and was not love at first sight. Although, I couldn’t get over how blue his eyes were! After I had been working and dealing with his many shenanigans for several months, I tried fixing him up with my roommate. She needed someone like him. No strings attached, laid back and semi-entertaining. We finally set a date for them to meet and the night before we were to go out, she had a family emergency and could not make it. Matthew talked me into still going with him to dinner and we actually had a good time. I was very surprised and shocked that the opinion I had formed was completely wrong. He was a nice guy that had a heart, loved his family and seemed completely genuine. Our first kiss was that night, July 3rd, 2008 and we have been inseparable since!

How I Asked; Matthew’s Side:

It had been a little over 3 years and I knew that I wanted to spend my life with KaCee. In September of 2011, I realized it was our time to move forward. I had been looking around at rings and finally figured out what I thought I wanted to get her. I took my dad to look at it and he really liked it and supported it. The weekend prior to asking her I dropped the question on her parents.

KaCee’s mom just said “oh wow” and her dad asked me “what has been taking so long?”, so I was happy I had their support as well. It was September 8, 2011 and were supposed to go see some band play with one of KaCee’s coworkers. I had gotten the ring that day and knew that there was no way that I would be able to hang on to it without her knowing something was going on. I had to ask that day. So I asked KaCee if she wanted to go eat at Marietta Square that night. She said sure but didn’t want it to take too long because of the band. We ate at Willy Raes and I was playing with the ring the whole time in my pocket wondering how I was going to ask. I still had no plan. After dinner I asked her if she wanted to go get ice cream and sit for a bit before we had to go. So we got ice cream and then sat on a bench in the square. Still had no plan.

I then thought about trying to get a picture but wasn’t sure how I would pull that off. So I said that we should just try to get a picture before we go since it had been a good day and we were here. She said to sit on the grass and she took one picture with the timer set on the camera. I asked her to see if it had worked ok. She said it came out so I said take another just in case so when she set the timer to take the second picture I asked KaCee to marry me as the camera went off. YES I had pulled it off! I was shaking like crazy but I managed to surprise her and got a picture of it. I had to ask her about 3 times though because all she kept saying was, “what is that?” She finally said yes and turned out that there was a photographer who was in the square and saw what was happening and took a picture as well. I think that it worked out just perfectly and could not imagine having anyone else in my life!

how they asked; KaCee’s Side:

Matt was being super sweet and asked me out on a date to the Marietta Square. We already had plans to go and listen to a band play so I agreed to dinner but knew we had to make it quick because of meeting up with a friend of mine to go downtown. We ate at a small restaurant called Willie Raes. The entire time I knew something was on his mind because he doesn’t hide his emotions very well. He was staring off into space and not very talkative. I kept asking him what was wrong but of course his response was, ‘nothing’. So, after dinner we had a little time to spare and we went to get some ice cream and went to walk around. We found a bench and talked for a bit. He wanted to get someone to take our picture and he never would pick someone so finally we decided to auto-time our pictures.

We put the camera in the grass and after crawling around in the grass several times, we finally were able to get a good picture. He asked me to get one more so I fixed the camera and then as it was about to flash, all I heard was, “KaCee, will you marry me?” I was completely caught off guard and the only thing that I could get to come out was, ‘what is that?!’ He asked a couple more times before I could breathe and say Yes! It was the most amazing moment and couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone else!

Photos by Rustic White Photography.