Ka Yee and Patrick

How We Met

I am half Thai half Hong Kong and I have been study and living in New Zealand since 2008.

and He is 100% Irish, who have been living in New Zealand since 2003.

In 2014 then end of March, We were love in first sign, we fell in love when we first meet each our in a shop, we flirt with each other ask each other photo number.

Things goes super fast, we keep txting each other the night before we met.

The next day we hang out and have intimate talk and also realize we both almost share a same birthday, at night around 6pm, we try to sort out where to eat, he said he know there have a nice thai restaurant( I am half thai btw) he would like to bring me there. when we get out from my apartment, I said: look it’s started raining, he said: nvm, we will get into the car soon anyway just across the road.

(drama is here now) We ran to the next road together in rain with car almost come toward us, he hold my hand and quickly step on the footpath. once we safely on the footpath, he ask me: is this a date? I said: I think so.

so in the restaurant I taught him some Thai and Cantonese, we laugh, we chat, we feel love.

and after 2 week of dating him I tell my mum, I met the one.

so yeah..that how we met =P

Image 1 of Ka Yee and Patrick

how they asked

12 Sep 2015 was our birthday dinner

Image 2 of Ka Yee and Patrick

He asked me will i marry him in front of his family in our apartments before we heading to the dinner… Was very surprise because i rush back home after work and once i got change and everyone almost ready to head the road…he start to have a little speech …by the time his sister recordings him talk and i was beside him i knew that something is happening… As soon as he said he is very happy that we found each other and then yeah … He put a ring on me and of coz i said yes… Now we are getting marry super soon .. Nothing fancy nothing crazy yet…. Fancy and crazy wedding party celebration will done on 2018… On Jan just somthing nice and simple and easy… Second xmas together i cant wait to have more…

I feel blessed =)

Image 3 of Ka Yee and Patrick

Here is our engagement photo shoot, Love the mood there <3

Shoot by: Self Timer from the camera & a car as a tripod