Jynelle and Jason

How We Met

I wasn’t ready to start dating when a friend of mine Ricky told me he had a friend he wanted me to meet, Jason. I told Ricky, I’ll let you know when I’m ready to start dating again. But, every time I saw Ricky he would say Jason says hi or Jason asked about you today. Jason will tell the story like this…he saw me on a SNAPCHAT I had sent to Ricky, and since he was in view of the SNAP he told Ricky “Bro, who is that? Hook your boy up!” Then he continued to tell Ricky daily to put in a good word for him. Then like a light switch one day I remember thinking, life is too short…I’m ready to meet this guy who Ricky had been chatting my ear off about.

We decided our first outing would be a group one to see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play football. We all decided to meet at Ricky’s house first, ride together and then tailgate prior to the game. I remember driving to Ricky’s SO nervous! I was glad when I pulled up and realized Jason wasn’t there yet. As I was sitting in the backseat of my SUV changing my shoes (of course) when he pulled up beside my truck. I watched as he got out of his car he looked at my SUV and started to head inside….I climbed out and said Hello and remember him turning around and walking back towards me…heart going a mile a minute as I laid eyes on those baby blues for the first time.

We had a great time tailgating at the stadium, cheered on the Bucs, went out after the game and spent the whole night into morning talking.

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how they asked

When we started talking Jason had asked me “have you ever seen those pics of the girl leading the guy around the world?” I said yes I had, he then stated he’d love to do pictures like that…so we started taking them on our first date! And we’ve been taking them ever since, anywhere fun or new we go together we take it. So far about 40 in our collection.
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While on vacation in one of our favorite places, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee Jason had recommended we go grab a quick bite to eat at The Old Mill Pottery House Café & Grille. We had just got into town and it’s a one of my favorite places for grabbing to-go and taking it to the park so the dogs don’t have to stay behind in the room. (We have two little spunky Pomeranians that go almost everywhere we go.) It was my mom, the 2 dogs, Jason and myself on the trip so we headed to The Old Mill. This places holds a special place in my heart, I have been going to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee since I was around 5 years old. Living in Florida, we don’t get too many seasons so every year we would go to Tennessee in October to see the leaves changing. Jason had reminded me that while we were there in the area that we forgot to take our hand picture there last year while on vacation. Not thinking anything of it and just thinking of course we need to add that picture to our collection we headed to The Old Mill first to take our picture.

With my mom holding the dogs we walked closer to the water to take our picture, with my back turned to Jason and my (left) hand backwards to him I was waiting for him to tell me he took the picture but he seemed to be taking a while so I turned around and that’s when I saw him down on one knee smiling up at me.

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I was in complete shock. After saying YES and slipping the gorgeous ring on my finger he then pointed to under the bridge where my favorite photographer (She use to live in Florida but moved to Tennessee a few years ago) had been hiding and capturing the proposal.

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Now we are planning a destination wedding next fall in my now even MORE favorite place! I cannot wait to marry this man who loves me the way I thought you only saw in movies.

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Special Thanks

Laurie Wilson
 | Laurie Wilson Photography