Justyne and Cyril

Engagement Proposal Ideas in In my old bedroom

How We Met

On August 2011 I was in a very sad relationship with no fun at all. One day, I decided to break up with him as I wasn’t happy at all. That day, I was feeling sad because I felt like I broke his heart, so one of my friends decided to bring me to a nightclub to cheer me up. As we were dancing, this guy came over and started to flirt with her so I went back to my place feeling even more depressed.


She came back asking what’s wrong and I just told her that it was the third guy with whom she danced or flirted tonight and it wasn’t helping. I added, “also this last guy here is pretty cute so just go and see the other one, and let me dance with him”. She did it. Literally! We went back dancing and as soon as he came back, she left with no words. He turned around and said “wanna dance with me ?” and it started. Funny thing, ever since when we talk about it he says that he was just flirting with her to see my reaction… I doubt it a little but hey … ;)

how they asked

After 6 years+ of dating, we decided to realize our dream and to travel the world for a year. I turned 25 soon after we came back to France and I was a little too depressed to celebrate so I ended up doing nothing… And well, nothing happened. Most of my family and friends forgot… even him! I didn’t tell him before a couple of months after when we were talking about my birthday and I told him I was very sad that I won’t have any good memories of my 25th birthday. We fast forward to December. We are on the 24th, at my parents’ house for a week, it is 8 am, we just woke up and he asks me to close my eyes. For about 10 minutes I heard noises coming from every corner of the room, things falling… It sounds like a very funny mess to watch but I didn’t cheat and patiently waited. He handed me an envelope with the number 1 on it. Inside, I found one of the greatest love letters of all. He was telling me how much he loved me, how much our life and journey was incredible so far and that he wanted to make this Christmas memorable, as opposed to my birthday. The end of the letter was the plan of our day to come. He created an advent calendar for me, but instead of having 1 thing each day to Christmas, I would have one thing every hour until midnight… 25 gifts, for my birthday, for Christmas…

Because it was 8 am I had the chance to open presents 2 to 8 and oh my, it was adorable and funny. We spent the whole day opening gifts. Even when we had to go outside shopping he took a bag of the next gifts to open so I don’t miss one! From cute mug to chocolate, bath bombs, nail polish… Plenty of things to make me happy! At 23 pm, I opened my almost last gift and soon after fell asleep in his arms. This is important to mention as it never happens and he couldn’t force himself to wake me up because he knew I was tired and he wanted to enjoy having me so close to him.

Next morning arrives and the first thing I said was “oh ! I forgot my last gift! I am so sorry !” he said it was okay, that it could wait. He handed me the last present. The box was heavy and when I opened it I found inside something that made me cry right now: the music box from the movie Anastasia. Exact same one. I started crying because this is my favorite movie, and also because a music box was the first thing he gave me as a couple, a very small keychain one playing la vie en rose. I just thought this was absolutely adorable and cried like a baby… Then I opened it to listen to the music… and here it was. The ring. By the time I raised my head, he was crying looking at me and just said “I know there is a question you’re waiting for a long time… I think it is time for you to hear it”