Justyna and Luke

How We Met: Luke and I have met at a mutual friend’s ringgraduation party. At the time we were dating other
people but we kept on running into each other at different occasions.

Couple years forward Luke ran into me at a bar and asked what’s going on. After having a brief conversation we realized we were both single.

Same night he texted me and we were seeing every night since then. For our first date we went to the beach on his motorcycle.

how they asked: We went on a trip to Myrtle Beach with a group of friends. On the first day we found out his beloved Grandfather passed away and that set a mood for the day.

As our mind was on his family situation we still wanted to do some fun things. So the next day we rented a moped on which we drove to the beach.

Just like on our first date. As we were walking a shore , Luke asked a young girl  to take our picture so we could have it for a keepsake. As she started to shoot the picture he got down on his knee and proposed.


That was the most incredible moment in our lives.


I could not stop screaming and crying. And of course I kept on shouting “YES, YES,YES!!!”