Justise and Rashad

How We Met

Who would have thought this love journey all started on November 2, 2016, from a Facebook post I made about men taking women on nice dates and boom I was DM’d and asked on a date. We had been messaging on messenger for a good week before he finally gave me his number and we would text (he didn’t like talking on the phone) all day and all night and finally, I got him to start FaceTiming me. Our very first date happened on January 9, 2017. It wasn’t one of those I don’t really know you first dates either, it was one of those I feel like I’ve known you forever first dates. We laughed and talked about everything under the sun. I was still in school at this time so we were doing a long-distance relationship…kinda. I was in Oxford, MS while he was in Marion, AR which is about 1.5 hours apart but I also had family in Southaven meaning I would visit Southaven quite frequent during the week and weekends just so I could see him and he would visit on weekends. We went on a couple of dates throughout the time and finally, we went on our first “bae-cation” and it was AMAZING. We had a great weekend together and from there we’ve been on so many trips and really enjoyed traveling together. Fast forward 2 1/2 years later here we are….. WEDDING PLANNING TIME!!!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Cabo, San Lucas

How They Asked

As I mentioned before, we LOVE to travel. If possible we would go somewhere once a month. We try to do short getaways on the weekends and two bigger trips throughout the year. Since he teaches and coaches football we try to do one big one during spring break and the other big one during fourth of July week. This year during spring break we went to Cancun, Mexico and it was one of our best trips yet…so we thought. So, of course, we had to figure out what we wanted to do for our other big trip during fourth of July week. We were a little behind planning this trip but we knew we had to go somewhere, we talked awhile back about going to Cabo one day and heard great things and how beautiful Cabo is. With that being said, we booked our trip to Cabo, San Lucas for a week.

We arrive at Cabo and we had everything planned for us to just chill by the beach/pool and do bare minimum due to the fact that we planned a lot of activities in Cancun. Then he mentioned he had a little date planned. So before we even left for the trip I’m trying to figure out what he has planned and he would not budge for the life of me. On July 4, 2019, the day he had the date planned, we decided to get couple massages (best day to do it) so after the massages, we laid out on the beach and relaxed…. fast forward to about 5. Time to get ready for our date. By the way…. he had everything planned to the T, from my hair, my makeup, my nails, and my outfit. Everything was PERFECT! Fast forward, we arrive downstairs to wait on our “taxi” while I’m thinking it’s a regular yellow taxi lol a nice Cadillac truck pulls up to pick us up and by this time I am in awe like this is a big date. So we head to the “date” and we arrive at Monuments Beach (It’s BEAUTIFUL) and he tells me the date is a date that I’ve been talking about for a while. So I’m thinking okay we’re about to have dinner on the beach because I’ve been telling him I want to do something like that one day. Well we head down to the beach and there are a photographer and videographer (I was told the videographer was free for the photoshoot package he purchased) waiting for us and the SURPRISE date is a photoshoot which is another thing I have been asking him to do.

First Photo before it all began

Proposal Ideas Cabo, San Lucas

So at this point, I’m just so happy and excited that he has set this up because he hates taking pictures and rarely smiles for them so I’m just in awe and almost in tears. I feel amazing and just pure happiness because of this beautiful photoshoot he made happen. Moving along, we’re having an amazing time taking pictures on the beach and just laughing and enjoying each other.

The last photo before the tears start rolling in

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HERE COME THE TEARS….. we approach a sand hill and I come up to ladies holding a blanket and they pull it away and behind it says “MARRY ME” in balloons with a heart made of roses on the ground and before they even pull the blanket away and I am hyperventilating and waterfalls of tears start rolling down my face as I am running away. He literally has to drag me to the rose petal heart.

Justise's Proposal in Cabo, San Lucas

Literally the entire time I am sobbing and my makeup is all washed away. But i am crying tears of happiness and my heart is just pounding, he could barely get what he had to say out and was barely able to ask me and before I know it I am just saying ‘YES YES YESSSS’.



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