Justiney and Andrew

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Maurice A. Ferré Park

How We Met

I met Andrew at a friend’s gathering from Vous Church. The day I met him I knew he was the man I’ve always prayed for, I kept it to myself and only told my sister Janelys. We remained friends for over a year until one day he decided to move to Miami from Boca Raton to pursue our relationship. Right after that everything started falling into place for us. Blessings after blessings. I always dreamed of this day but never did I imagine to be living the life I’m living today. Engaged to the man of my dreams. I’ve come to realize there’s no dream too big for God to make it a reality.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Maurice A. Ferré Park

How They Asked

It was on the weekend of our 2 year anniversary, Andrew told me to get fancy because we were going to go out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. We began to make our way to the restaurant he supposedly had reservations for. Once we arrived in the area, he parked the car and said we had some time still before our reservations were ready. To kill time we started to walk in a park that was across the street which was located on the bay. As we walked through the park, Andrew led me to a picnic set up along with photos of us and champagne. Andrew had a picnic basket with our photo album that he’s given to me every Christmas since we began dating.

He had updated it with photos of memorable moments over the course of the year and at the end of the album, I came across a letter Andrew wrote to me. The letter stated how much love and passion he had for me and the relationship we have come to build. Once I finished ready the letter, he told me there was one particular photo that was missing. I asked which photo would that be? He responded by asking me to stand up to show me. He then proceeded to get down on one knee as he asked me to marry him! I was so happy! I then realized there were videographers hiding behind the trees filming us the whole time!

After we had our unforgettable moment, he surprised me once more as he had our entire family and friends waiting to come, meet us from across the park to help celebrate our engagement!

Our Video

Special Thanks

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