Justine and Will

How we met: I met Will at a poetry reading that a mutual friend, Ricky, was doing at a local bar. When I got invited I told my friend I would go and joked that I should “dress up because I might meet someone!”

I think then it clicked for him because he mentioned to Will that he should be sure to attend because there’s a girl who will be there that he wants Will to meet. Just for the record I did not know this!

The workday was slow but when it was finally time to leave I sent a message to Ricky noting that I will be there. I hopped on the Subway and got off at the wrong stop! I had to walk a few blocks on a warm summer day at the end of August. I may have been “dressed up” but that did not keep me from sweating and stuff, ugh, I did not feel pretty! When I got there I met up with Ricky, we chatted and about half an hour later he scooted over, got up and introduced me to Will, and having him sit beside me. It was a dim lit space but from our conversation, I immediately felt a strong connection. We talked, chatted and talked some more, it came easy for us with each other,  his wing woman came to scope me out and after a beer and Ricky’s poetry reading we talked some more. Where did the time go? We found that we had so much in common!

Afterwards, Will mentioned that he was going to go with a few of the friends there to eat and that I should join them. Since I lived out of the city and had a long trek home I decided I would just head to the right subway station and go home since I worked in the morning. He walked me out to show me where the station was, and before I left he mentioned that he would like to actually show me the lightsaber he mentioned he had before when we were talking about Star Wars versus Star Trek. His car was in the parking lot leading up to the well lit and populated subway stop so I didn’t feel bad about it and I wanted to keep talking to him, besides we knew the same person and he knew where we were. I went up to his car and he grabbed the  lightsaber!  It was blue, very cool and I knew that I definitely felt sparks with Will even more.

As I went home I kept thinking about him but didn’t do anything about it because I wasn’t sure if he was interested. Our friend Ricky kept telling me to contact him because he’s in to me but I didn’t believe it. A couple of days later I saw a request in my Facebook notifications. It was from Will. A couple of days after that we talked about going to Fan Expo and then not going because it didn’t fit our schedule. He then asked me, after that weekend, to check out this Salsa club with him on Thursday because he’s been wanting to go for a while.

That was our very memorable first date. A month later we agreed to begin dating, officially, although we had been talking and hanging out very much in weeks before that.


how they asked: We planned a trip to Greece to celebrate Will’s upcoming 30th birthday and I had been hoping that he would propose there but in reality, I definitely wasn’t thinking it would happen this year!

It was a beautiful, sunny and warm day and we were leaving for Greece that afternoon.  I went to work for half a day. Will had called me and said to come outside because he wanted to give me my anniversary gift so I can bring it on the trip with us. I told him that I was done work in half an hour and that I had a lot of work to finish and I really wanted to get it done so I can leave as soon as possible. He said okay and was a bit hesitant to get me off of the phone and to meet at my house anyways. I continued talking to him and told him we’ll just meet at my house. I finished my work, left a little early , got in my car and trekked over to my house.

As soon as he stepped out of the car he had a beautiful bouquet of flowers and was dressed up! I opened the door to the house, he gave me the flowers, kissed me and then told me he had prepared a speech to tell me at work because we had spent some time there filming for a webseries. He said that almost three years ago we started a relationship that blossomed in to what it is today, something beautiful! He wanted to continue doing everything together as partners in life and as he said that he got down on one knee. He pulled out this beautiful ring in a box and asked me to marry him!!!!

I couldn’t believe it. I asked if this was real and kept hyperventilating! I finally said “absolutely, yes!” and we hugged and kissed and I tried to catch my breath! He went to pick-up our friend and I started calling my family and friends to share the news as we headed to his house, where his family was waiting to congratulate us and have lunch together just before we went to the airport.

When we were in Greece, Will decided to propose again at each island we visited and that we would have a video and photos to remember it (as that was the one thing I mentioned that I wish we had). In Mykonos, in front of the Aegean Sea, while awaiting the sunset in Little Venice, he repeated a version of his speech and asked me to marry him, presenting the ring. He asked again in Santorini where we were watching the sunset from the highest point of the island! It was such a memorable trip and it still feels like a dream! I can’t believe we are planning our wedding and getting married!!!!!