Justine and Scott

Justine's Proposal in Iceland

How We Met

Scott and I first met over 3 years ago after chatting with each other online through a dating site. We’d agreed to meet up in Woodchester Park, which was situated halfway between both our homes. We spent a few hours together, walking and talking, just getting to know each other.

I was pretty smitten with Scott but I had no idea how he felt about me!

As I was driving home, my phone flashed up with a message from him saying how pleased he;d been to meet me and that he’d like to meet up soon again. I’m pleased he didn’t keep me waiting!

We moved in together after a year of being together, and got engaged within 18 months of that. Some may say it’s been a bit of a whirlwind, but I couldn’t be happier.

how they asked

Scott and I had been wanting to travel to Iceland for a long time, and a magical trip there in March this year finally saw us make the dream a reality. Little did I know what Scott was planning…

On our first full day exploring beautiful Iceland, we stumbled across a black sand beach along the South Coast called Solheimasandur. Admittedly, this is a beach that is home to a plane wreckage from the 1970s, but that aside, it is a rather romantic beach… and quiet!

Scott asked me if we could get a quick photo together by setting up our tripod. Again, little did I know what he was planning…

He got down on one knee, however, I hadn’t noticed him as I was facing slightly away from him and had my hood up (did anyone ever tell you Iceland is pretty cold at times?) Anyway, he softly spoke my name: “Justine” and as I turned, I spotted him down on one knee, ring in hand.

I wish my reaction had been a little more romantic than saying “Are you joking?” But I genuinely hadn’t been expecting this turn of events! Once the initial shock had worn off, I could of course say nothing more than “Yes, of course I will!”

Many kisses and smiles later, we walked away from this magical beach, hand in hand… with a stunning diamond ring sitting snugly on my finger.