Justine and Ryan

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How We Met

Every couple has their own story of how they met and how they fell in love, but Ryan and I’s is my absolute favorite. Ryan and I are from the same hometown and were two grades apart in school. It wasn’t until the night of my 19th birthday and graduation of high school that I finally met the man that God had intended for me to meet. It was by chance we both ended up at the same graduation party because of mutual friends and it was by no accident that Ryan got some courage in him to talk to me that night. Something I did not know until after that night was that Ryan is quite the shy guy, but for some reason whenever he saw me he just had to talk to me. I’ll never forget what I wore that night because it was the first thing Ryan ever complimented me on.

I’ll never forget Ryan sitting on the short fence lining my friend’s backyard yelling across the yard to me “That’s a nice dress, it reminds me of Forrest Gump,” Me being the fashion person I am was completely baffled as to why someone would compare one of my fashion choices to Forrest Gump (which I later figured out is his favorite movie), but I went with it and we spoke the entire night about everything and anything. It wasn’t until after Ryan left the party that night that it dawned on me he hadn’t asked for my number, so I took it upon myself being the go-getter that I am and ‘dm-ed’ Ryan on twitter with a simple word that stroke up an entire conversation leading to an exchanging of phone numbers, FINALLY! The day I met him was the absolute best day of my life which was June 2nd 2012 and only 6 short days later on the 7th (my second favorite day ever) he asked me to be his girlfriend and those 6 days that I wasn’t his girlfriend they felt like the longest days of my life (Ryan can agree with that as well).

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We had an instant connection and everyday we are still finding different ways that we connect on a deeper level.

how they asked

July 4th 2016 triumphs all past favorite days of my life and has easily become my favorite day ever. It all started whenever Ryan and I took a family vacation to a small city in Michigan called Colon to go fishing and relax for a week where my grandparents use to go for use and I use to go as a kid. I hadn’t been in years, so it was nice to be returning to somewhere familiar and escaping the Texas heat for awhile little did I know I was in for a big surprise! A little less than a month prior Ryan and I had celebrated 4 years together and it seemed as if the years had just slipped away from us because of all the amazing memories we had been making. From the moment I met Ryan I always had a feeling about him… I knew one day… I didn’t know when… but I was going to be his wife. The bonus of it all is Ryan’s last name is Moore and my last name is Moore, what a dream right? I went into this family vacation just looking forward to being around family and enjoying some fresh air not expecting at the slightest a proposal after all we hadn’t even gone ring shopping together! July 4th rolled around and it felt like any other day we spent the day fishing on the lake and the night in the small town of Colon, Michigan. We waited in line for an hour for some amazing cotton candy and watched fireworks over the lake (how beautiful), but not the least did I suspect Ryan acting strange or completely freaking out inside.

It wasn’t until we were back from the fireworks and we were about to get a fire started that my dad told me Ryan wanted me to go down to the boat dock with him. Of course, like any other girl who is afraid of bugs and toads I hesitated and resisted at first because gross bugs, but then I finally made my way down to the dock with Ryan in the complete dark mind you. The mood was set for itself toads chirping in the background and a cool breeze blowing about us. Ryan started to tell me about how much he cared for me and how he loved me and I could feel myself start to get very nervous. I could feel what was going to happen next and I could tell Ryan was nervous (it felt like we were on our first date again). It was the most romantic, sweetest feeling I had felt in a long time. Once Ryan finally could put some words together he got down on one knee with a flashlight and asked me to be his wife!

What a lucky girl I am! I am still smitten to this day and will continue to be everyday with this man, he is truly a gem. I felt like I was dreaming and could not believe Ryan came up with this all on his own and pulled off the perfect surprise! I was completely surprised with the ring he picked out himself from the jeweler his mom’s ring is from and he snagged the idea off of my Pinterest boy (smart boy).

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Not only do we sure our proposal day with the awesome freedom of this country, but it is also our sweet corgi Easton’s birthday and that is something near and dear to both of our hearts.

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