Justine and Rocco

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How We Met

One of my best friends, Melissa, was dating a guy who apparently had a really good looking brother. Being a good friend, I would go to hang out the two of them as a “wingman”, but really a wing woman. It turns out that the guys brother was Rocco and I did think he was really good looking. After hanging out with Melissa every weekend, it was time for her to introduce me to Rocco. So, she did and the rest is history…

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how they asked

My younger sister is studying abroad in Paris this semester and Rocco and I had planned a trip to visit her for one week in February. Little did I know that the two had been planning the proposal. It was a complete surprise. My grandmother was 100% French and she owned a cafe in Paris. It was the plan that we should go and visit my grandmother’s cafe and have dinner. Rocco and my sister had another plan. I told my sister that I wanted to go and take pictures in front of our grandma’s old cafe where she had met my grandfather. To my surprise, on Valentine’s Day, my sister worked out a plan to get me and Rocco alone at my grandmother’s old cafe, where he got down on one knee. February 14th is the same day that Rocco’s mother and father got engaged and the fact that we were in Paris together at my grandmother’s old cafe where she and my grandfather had first met made this moment all the more amazing. My grandfather was a soldier in World War II and his field work had taken him to serve in Paris. One day he stumbled into my grandmother’s cafe to win over her heart, now many years later this is the same place that Rocco claimed my heart. My sister and her boyfriend hid behind a van in front of the restaurant where they popped out and surprised us after I said, YES! Everything went perfect and afterwards we headed over to have some French champagne to celebrate.

The restaurant is now called “Le Verre Moutarde”

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