Justine and Rob

How We Met

Rob and I have a long history together. Our fathers worked together as police officers for over ten years. The two of them became very close friends and as a result, since the two of us were babies (yes, babies!) our families used to vacation together at the Jersey Shore. Some of my favorite childhood memories are with our families together.

After a while for one reason or another, the families lost touch. In 2014, when Rob and I both posted photos of our recent tattoos on Facebook, we luckily reconnected one week exactly befor4e Rob was coming home on leave for the first time in 2 years! (At the time he was stationed in Japan in the Marine Corps) We hung out and after a few months of long-distance friendship, when he came home again on leave we decided to make it official!

Two years of long-distance, one summer together in San Diego and now Rob is back home in the police academy of the same department our dads worked in, and I couldn’t be more proud and happy for the life we have! It’s been a long process for us getting established, moving in together and preparing ourselves for this next step in our lives. Our relationship is built on an amazing friendship that started as children and grew amazingly while living in different time zones.

How They Asked

Rob’s family goes to Mount Bethel Tree Farm to cut down their Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. Since I have been dating Rob this tradition has never deterred. Tree, then breakfast at the Mount Bethel Diner. This has been something I have joined in on the last few years and loved every minute of the immediate Christmas excitement! 2019 was our second year chopping down our own tree for our home. It was extra fun this year for more reasons than I would know at the time because, in addition to Rob’s family, my dad was in town and decided to come along for the drive up with his dogs as well! One big chaotic family, it’s just how I like it!

Justine and Rob's Engagement in Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania

It’s always an exciting time walking in circles finding the best tree! As we walked around this year, Rob continued to pick the first tree in sight, some even being half-dead! I brushed it off thinking he’s probably just excited to get breakfast. Little did I know there was much more in store!

I finally made my choice for our perfect tree, and like a tradition, we prepped our pup for our usual family photo. Rob decided he wanted Cooper (our adorable dog pictured in the photo below) to be in front of us. Me, suspecting nothing at the time adjusted my hair and got ready to pose! Then all of a sudden I’m looking at Rob on one knee! Thank goodness there is a video because I couldn’t even remember if I said yes! (After reviewing the footage, I did!)

The moment happened so fast, but it will be one of my favorites. Rob and I have been working so hard the last few years to reach our goals and this is such an amazing step in the right direction!!

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