Justine and Mary

How We Met

We first met in Phillipine Red Cross. We are both Registered Nurse. I own a birthing home and he’s a fire fighter nurse. We both volunteer in red cross when we have free time. He saw me first, he then go often in red cross to see me. We’re both phlebotomist. He wanted to ask my name so he donated blood and requested me to be his phlebotomist. That’s where it all started. He added me on Facebook and we talked often. We started dating after few months. Now we’re together for two years (and counting ?).

how they asked

We went to an island to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. We brought our camera and tripod to have a pictures together. While waiting for him to set up the camera,i was just looking at the stars and saw a bright falling star. It was so perfect and romantic. After he put the camera on timer, he ran to me. I was about to hug him but he knelt down and asked me the words that made me the happiest woman that night…. “will you marry me?”

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Magalawa Island, Zambales, Philippines

I was so overwhelmed and forgot to answer, i was just crying and hugging him so he asked me again and then i said “YES!”