Justine and Jeremy

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How We Met

We met at a local restaurant in my town on opening weekend with my best friend. He was a bartender and my friend and I didn’t like his cocktail and corrected his recipe.

weeks later I was there again with my sister my cousin and childhood best friend. And they left my Number on the bar for him.

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How They Asked

I’ve always loved the bay shore marina, my papa used to take me there often as a kid. Since I lost him a few years back I try to go as often as I can. It’s a very special place to me.

Jeremy and I went to lunch at the restaurant located in the marina- then he asked to go for a walk on the dock, like my papa and I used to do. All the way at the end of our longer than expected walk was a circle of sunflowers (my favorite flower) when I saw them I knew what was happening. And my legs stopped working. Jeremy had to drag me into the circle. He got down on one knee and the rest is a blur. After I heard clapping and cheering and turned around to see my best friend with two women who were tanning on the beach (she’d given them her phone to film us)

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My sister and now fiancé designed the perfect ring. Complete with a small sapphire and black diamond is hidden on the inside special for me!

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