Justine and Gabriel

How We Met

Eight years ago we were Juniors in high school and we were doing what high schoolers do, partying in a garage. He was controlling the music and was hitting the nail right on the head for me. I went over to talk to him and We made plans to see each other again. Our “first date” comes around and he shows up at my door with two bouquets of flowers one for me and then he says “before we go I would like to meet your mom” and at the time I thought that was strange but my mom comes to the door and he hands her the flowers and tells her that we will be having dinner at his house and that I would be in good hands. Let me remind you we are in high school! Kindness like that was a little out of the ordinary so from the start I knew he was different! One night I was in a charity hair show as a model and I’m up on stage I look out and who do I see totally out of his element? Gabe! I was so surprised to see him there my mom told me afterward that he called her to get all the details because we wanted to come as a surprise and of course to support. He took it all in that night and I realized this guy wanted to stick around. Cut to the end of high school and we decided to give long distance a try. He was going to college in Missouri and I was headed to Chicago. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would make it four years apart but we beat the odds and stayed together. I knew pretty early that he was worth it. So long story short we grew up putting our relationship and each other first and he truly is my best friend.

How They Asked

So in January, we planned to go on g with two of our best friends to Tulum and we were so excited not just to get out of the cold ( we live in Chicago) but this would be our first long vacation on our own in the Eight years we have been together! We land in Cancun and it’s pouring down rain so I’m like great I really hope it starts to get nicer! The next morning we wake up and have an amazing breakfast on the beach and it’s still a bit cloudy.

Where to Propose in Tulum, Mexico

I have to admit I was a little bummed because of course, I wanted it to be nothing but sun so we wait for our friends to get up and then decide since it’s a little cloudy it would be the perfect time to walk around and find some spots we want to check out. So we find this really cute jungle cafe and we diced to stop for food. Now I should mention that our friends are both photographers and when we were heading out they told me they were going to bring their cameras so they could take pictures and of course I didn’t think twice about it because Tulum is BEAUTIFUL so it was totally understandable.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Tulum, Mexico

We sit down to lunch and had the most amazing lunch so I, of course, was in a really good mood. We had some beers and one of the beers exploded in my face and I noticed they everyone was very attentive with napkins and making sure I did just mess up all my make up. At the cafe, there was a small jungle area just behind where we were sitting and Gabe had told me previous to the trip that he wanted to be better at taking pictures while we were on our trip. So when he asked me to take a picture in front of all this beautiful greenery, of course, I said okay!

And just as our friend says “okay, ready?” Gabe dropped down to one knee pulled out the most gorgeous diamond and asked me to be with him forever and when I say I was stunned that is an Understatement but every part of me just said YES! It sounds crazy but right after that the clouds seemed to go away and the sun came out to make the day more perfect.. as if that was possible! After that, we went to the beach with our best friends and popped open that tequila and had the best time celebrating something Eight years in the making!

Special Thanks

Evan Sheehan
 | Photographer
Alex Wallbaum
 | Planning