Justine and Cole

How We Met

We met in the spring of 2016 through a mutual friend (and coworker). She had mentioned me to Cole’s Mom, and Cole added me on Facebook a few days later. After he “liked” my updated profile picture- I got the courage to say hello and the rest is history. Within a few weeks, we were dating. I think we both realized we had met our match very early on. Cole took me on horseback rides on their farm and I often rode with Cole in the tractor to feed cattle.

How They Asked

It was my birthday (Aug. 21st, 2017, Solar Eclipse Day). My boss decided to take the day off to see this rare occasion and I was completely okay with it beings it was my birthday. I spent the whole day with Cole. We spent the morning at Cole’s Grandpa’s Farm, working on Old Orange (Cole’s latest restoration pickup), playing with kittens in the barn, and picking pears from the pear tree in the backyard. After we had dinner with Cole’s family, Cole surprised me with a large box wrapped in duct tape (he ran out of wrapping paper!). Cole sat down right next to me as I unwrapped the large box. I could hear something small rolling around. After I finished, I pulled out a small jewelry box. I opened the box and there was a ring, completely shocked, I kept asking Cole if he was serious! With tear filled eyes, Cole asked me to marry him and he did eventually get down on one knee. We spent the rest of my birthday, calling my family and friends and visiting his family. It was a wonderful 25th Birthday.

Special Thanks