Justine and Blake

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My two sisters, Kristin and Erika, our friend, Taylor, their significant others, and Blake and I were out in Steamboat skiing. Blake likes to get out on the mountain early for first tracks, whereas I like to take my time and trickle out mid morning when it is a tad warmer. It was our last day of skiing and my sisters, Taylor, and I were just headed out for the day. I had talked to Blake to let him know that we were just leaving the condo so he could start heading to the top of the gondola so we could meet up and ski together. When we were in the line for the gondola, I looked at them and said, “well it looks like I’m not going to be getting engaged this trip.” They played it off and were like, “well maybe he didn’t want to do it with all of us around.” I fell for it. As we were riding up the gondola, I get a call from Blake (or at least I thought it was Blake). Wrong… it was ski patrol calling me from Blake’s cell phone. If any of you have ever seen Blake snowboarding, you know that he is a very good boarder, but he likes to ride very fast, threw the trees, and is a bit reckless.

Ski patrol told me that they have my boyfriend Blake at the top of the gondola and that he injured his knee. I told them I was about half way up the gondola and they said, “ok, we will wait for you to take him down to the base.” The next half of the gondola ride, was the longest ride ever. Me being the nurse that I am, I went through all the different types of knee injuries he could have, and came up with a plan. As we got to the top, I ran off the gondola and saw ski patrol up ahead on the right. There was Blake, strapped down in the toboggan with 3 ski patrols next to him. I thought to myself, “oh no this is not good.” I nervously ran up to him and was like, “WHAT DID YOU DO??” He said, “I hit my knee on a rock.” At that moment, the ski patrol next to him said, “Do you want to see it?” A normal person would say no, but I was like, “Ahhhh…yeah!” As soon as they unzipped the toboggan, Blake rolled out. I was so confused, I was like… “wait, you can move?” Before he could answer, he was on one knee and I realized what was happening. He asked me to marry him, and I say Yes! For the next couple hours, I was still in shock that he wasn’t injured, that we were engaged, and so perplexed on how everyone had me so fooled. In the end, ski patrol had it all wrong. Blake didn’t hit his knee on a rock, he hit his knee, and pulled out a rock.

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Special Thanks

Erika Jarnes
 | Photographer
Kristin Jarnes
 | Planning